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Journal Articles 이유재 Inter-customer helping behaviors: a virtuous cycle or unwanted intrusion? = ?客?的?助行?:良性循??是不必要的侵??
(Service Industries Journal 41(9/10), 633-647)
Seo Young Kim, Youjae Yi 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 The Importance of Organizational Context for the Relation Between Human Capital Investment and Firm Performance: Evidence From Labor Unions
(Journal of Management Accounting Research 33(1), 197-217)
Hee-Yeon Sunwoo, Justin Law, Woo-Jong Lee, Seungbin Oh 2021
Journal Articles 송재용 Learning from Technologically Successful Peers: The Convergence of Asian Laggards to the Technology Frontier
(Organization Science 32(1), 210-232)
Yuzhe Miao, Robert M. Salomon, Jaeyong Song 2021
Journal Articles 박상욱 Consumer satisfaction?based social commerce service quality management
(RQ Business Research Quarterly 24(1), 34-52)
Nina Shin, Sangwook Park, Hyunjung Kim 2021
Journal Articles 김송희 Eliciting Human Judgment for Prediction Algorithms
(Management Science 67(4), 2314-2325)
Rouba Ibrahim, Song-Hee Kim, Jordan Tong 2021
Journal Articles 김상훈 Look! don’t let it weigh you down: The effect of visual density on perceived product heaviness and evaluation
(Journal of Business Research 126, 35-47)
Yuna Choe, Youseok Lee, Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Sang-Hoon Kim 2021
Journal Articles 김상훈 Impact of online information on the diffusion of movies: Focusing on cultural differences
(Journal of Business Research 130, 603-609)
Youseok Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Kyoung Cheon Cha 2021
Journal Articles 강성춘 High-performancework systems with internal and external contingencies: The moderating roles of organizational slack and industry instability
(Human Resource Management 60(3), 415-433)
Kwanghyun Kim, Chiho Ok, Sung-Choon Kang, Johngseok Bae, Kiwook Kwon 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 연구개발 지출의 수익성, 지속성, 자본화, 가치관련성의 추세 = Changing Landscapes of R&D Profitability, Persistence, Capitalization, and Value Relevance
(회계저널 30(3), 43-80)
김세희, 조미옥, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 이용규 Overproduction, Aggregate Accounting Performance, and Gross Domestic Product
(Seoul Journal of Business 27(1), 75-110)
Journal Articles 이경묵 Liability of High Status: Overpayment to Relieve Status Anxiety in the English Premier League
(Seoul Journal of Business 27(1), 23-48)
Journal Articles 윤석화 The Effects of Procedural Justice and Supervisor Close Monitoring on Knowledge Sharing
(Seoul Journal of Business 27(1), 49-74)
Abhishek Srivastava, Haeseen Park, Seokhwa Yun 2021
Journal Articles 윤석화 The Effect of Empowering Leadership on Creativity: Applying a Social Information Processing Perspective = 임파워링 리더십이 창의성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구: 사회정보처리관점의 적용
(조직과 인사관리연구 45(2), 89-108)
Haeseen Park, Soohyun Yoon, Seokhwa Yun 2021
Journal Articles 고봉찬 주가 추세요인의 추출방법과 수익성 분석 = Profitability of Trend Factors in Korean Stock Markets
(재무관리연구 38(2), 251-288)
고봉찬, 김진우, 정우성 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 감사인의 피감기업에 대한 경제적 의존도가 감사시장의 경쟁과 감사보수 및 감사시간 사이의 관계에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Auditor’s Economic Dependence on a Client on the Association between Audit Market Competition and Audit Fees and Hours
(회계ㆍ세무와 감사 연구 63(2), 193-234)
조미옥, 최종학 2021
Journal Articles 박진수 Axiomatic Theories and Improving the Relevance of Information Systems Research
(Information Systems Research 32(1), 147-171)
Jae Kyu Lee, Jinsoo Park, Shirley Gregor, Victoria Yoon 2021
Journal Articles 이유재 Where You Live Matters to Have the American Dream: The Impact of Collective Social Capital on Perceived Economic Mobility and the Moderating Role of Income
(Asia Marketing Journal 23(1), 29-62)
Yanghee Kim, Youjae Yi, Hyuna Bak 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 다국적기업 해외자회사 현지인 CEO가 재무성과에 미치는 영향: 국가·산업·기업 수준 상황요인의 조절효과 = CEO Localization and Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries: The Moderating Roles of Country, Industry, Firm-Level Contingencies
(국제경영리뷰 25(1), 15-27)
고제경, 박철형, 박선현 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 소규모 기업은 왜 쉽게 성장하지 못하는가? 기업규모별 연구개발 활동의 비교분석
(중소기업연구 43(1), 1-33)
박선현, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 소규모 기업은 왜 쉽게 성장하지 못하는가? 기업규모별 연구개발 활동의 비교분석
(중소기업연구 43(1), 1-33)
박선현, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 박철순 외부 최고경영자 영입을 통한 기업의 변화와 성장: LG생활건강 = The Case of Successful Change and Growth by Outside CEO: LG Household & Health Care
(전략경영연구 24(1), 1-34)
이경환, 박철순, 서정일 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 Cost Stickiness of Private and Public Firms: Some Mediation Analyses
(회계학연구 46(2), 73-117)
Sera Choi, Iny Hwang, Moony Lee, Woo-Jong Lee 2021
Journal Articles 황인이 Cost Stickiness of Private and Public Firms: Some Mediation Analyses
(회계학연구 46(2), 73-117)
Sera Choi, Iny Hwang, Moony Lee, Woo-Jong Lee 2021
Journal Articles 신재용 The Role of the Executive Pay Cap: Evidence from Korea
(회계학연구 46(2), 37-71)
Sohee Park, Natalie Kyung Won Kim, Jae Yong Shin, Sun-Moon Jung 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 실질지배력에 따른 SK기업집단의 연결범위 결정사례 = Determination of Consolidation Scope of SK Group According to De Facto Control
(회계저널 30(2), 277-313)
최종학, 안혜진, 조미옥 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 게임산업의 규제위험과 자기자본비용: 게임셧다운제도의 사례 = Regulation Risk and Implied Costs of Equity Capital in Game Industry: A Case of Game Shutdown
(회계저널 30(1), 169-196)
이창섭, 전홍민, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 백복현 Do Analysts Account for Accruals ? Evidence from the Insurance Industry
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 50(1), 79-109)
Bok Baik, Young Jun Kim, Yongoh Roh 2021
Journal Articles 최혁 공매상환거래 주변의 주가움직임에 관한 연구 = Price Movements around Short Covering Trades
(한국증권학회지 50(1), 1-31)
최혁, 이효정 2021
Journal Articles 이동기 해외자회사 현지 자선활동이 성과에 미치는 영향: 자회사의 부가가치활동 현지화의 조절효과를 중심으로 = Local Philanthropy and Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries: Focusing on the Localization of Value-Added Activity
(경영컨설팅연구 21(1), 121-134)
고제경, 이동기, 조영곤 2021
Journal Articles 조승아 Interfirm Rivalry in Action: An Exploratory Study of Multiplex Theaters in Korea = 한국의 멀티플렉스 산업 내 경쟁역학에 관한 사례연구
(Korea Business Review 25(1), 27-55)
Shinhye Ahn, Wonseok Choi, Theresa S. Cho 2021
Journal Articles 박성호 Shopping Activity at Warehouse Club Stores and Its Competitive and Network Density Implications
(Production and Operations Management 30(1), 28-46)
Stanley Frederick W. T. Lim, Elliot Rabinovich, Sungho Park, Minha Hwang 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 다양성의 전략적 가치: 사회정체성 다양성과 인지 다양성의 통합적 모색 = Diversity as a Source of Competitive Advantage: Synthesizing Social Categorial and Cognitive Diversity Dimensions
(인사조직연구 29(1), 143-174)
박선현 2021
Journal Articles 최동범 The Effect of Monetary Policy on Bank Wholesale Funding
(Management Science 67(1), 388-416)
Dong Beom Choi, Hyun-Soo Choi 2021
Journal Articles 윤석화 Knowledge Sharing and Creative Behavior: The Interaction Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Regulatory Focus on Creative Behavior
(Human Performance 34(1), 49-66)
Seckyoung Loretta Kim, Minyoung Cheong, Abhishek Srivastava, Yongsu Yoo, Seokhwa Yun 2021
Journal Articles 박상욱 Supply chain leadership driven strategic resilience capabilities management: A leader-member exchange perspective
(Journal of Business Research 122, 1-13)
Nina Shin, Sangwook Park 2021
Journal Articles 이유재 Heterogeneous dimensions of SERVQUAL
(Total Quality Management and Business Excellence 32(1), 92-118)
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi, Yeong-Ran Lee 2021
(Academy of Management Journal 63(1), 224-245)
Journal Articles 이준만 Founder CEOs and innovation: Evidence from CEO sudden deaths in public firms
(Research Policy 49(1), 103862(1-14))
Joon Mahn Lee, Jongsoo Kim, Joonhyung Bae 2020
Thesis/Dissertation 김종호
Spillover Effects of Financial Reporting on Public Firms' Corporate Investment
Chongho Kim 2020
Journal Articles 임재현 Save the Galaxy: E-waste Recycling at Samsung and Sustainability in Korea
(경영정보논총 30(2), 23-37)
Alice Hyuna Park, Michael K. Lim 2020
Journal Articles 양홍석 K-COTECH’s Demands Forecasting and Inventory Management Plan
(경영정보논총 30(2), 9-21)
Woongsoo Kim, Young Joo Lee, Jae Sang Rhee, Hongsuk Yang 2020
Journal Articles 남익현 Newsvendor model을 활용한 예측배송(anticipatory shipping)의 모형화
(경영정보논총 30(2) , 1-7)
남익현 2020
Journal Articles 양홍석 Corporate Strategies in the Smartphone Era - The Case of Garmin Ltd.
(경영정보논총 30(1), 11-19)
Samuel Gu, Junho Song, Hoil Shin, Jaeho Shin, Hongsuk Yang 2020
Journal Articles 남익현 생산용량결정-2단계 newsvendor model을 활용하여
(경영정보논총 30(1), 1-9)
남익현 2020
Journal Articles 김송희 Maximizing Intervention Effectiveness
(Management Science 66(12), 5576-5598)
Vishal Gupta, Brian Rongqing Han, Song-Hee Kim, Hyung Paek 2020
Journal Articles 김송희 Admission Control Biases in Hospital Unit Capacity Management: How Occupancy Information Hurdles and Decision Noise Impact Utilization
(Management Science 66(11), 5151-5170)
Song-Hee Kim, Jordan Tong, Carol Peden 2020
Journal Articles 김송희 Should Hospitals Keep Their Patients Longer? The Role of Inpatient Care in Reducing Postdischarge Mortality
(Management Science 66(6), 2326-2346)
Ann P. Bartel, Carri W. Chan, Song-Hee Kim 2020
Journal Articles 윤석화 The Effects of Supervisor Support on Creativity: Investigating the Mediating Effect of Job Crafting = 구성원의 직무 변화 행위와 창의성에 대한 연구: 상사의 지원 행위를 중심으로
(노사관계연구 31, 95-113)
Jeewon Gwak, Seokhwa Yun 2020
Journal Articles 김성수 Promotion Focus and Employee Turnover
(노사관계연구 31, 77-93)
Han Ho Lee, Seongsu Kim 2020
Journal Articles 이경묵 최저임금제도 개혁방안 = Suggestions to Reform Minimum Wage System in Korea
(노사관계연구 31, 59-75)
이경묵 2020