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Books 이유재 고객의 탄생 : 고객에 대한 모든 생각 이유재 2023
Journal Articles 최선화 Does sell-side debt research have investment value?
(Accounting and Business Research 53(3), 239-270)
Journal Articles 윤석화 Working in times of COVID-19: investigating the effect of daily risk perception of COVID-19 infection on goal progress
(Journal of Managerial Psychology 38(2), 116-130)
Donghun Seo, Sunghyuck Mah, Sophia Miri Yoo, Minju Oh, Byung-Im Kim, Jeong-Yeon Lee, Seokhwa Yun 2023
Journal Articles 석승훈 Health insurance system and resilience to epidemics
(Risk Analysis 43(1), 97-114)
Jimin Hong, Sung Hun Seog 2023
Journal Articles 박철순 CEO labor market and R&D investment in high-technology firms: an empirical study on the disciplinary effect of CEO labor market
(Journal of Management and Organization 29(1), 30-47)
Jeongil Seo, Gyeonghwan Lee, Choelsoon Park 2023
Journal Articles 이유재 Assessment of six alternative models of service quality
(Total Quality Management and Business Excellence 34(3), 364-396)
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi, Yeong-Ran Lee 2023
Journal Articles 이유재 Decomposing main effects in moderated regression models
(Journal of Business Research 157, 113577(1-12))
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi 2023
Journal Articles 최진남 What drives firms to invest in training and developing employees? Time-dependent effects of firm internal and external contingencies
(International Journal of Human Resource Management 34(2), 223-252)
Sun Young Sung, Jin Nam Choi 2023
Journal Articles 이유재 The Effect of Innovation Orientation on the Performance of SMEs: Focusing on the Role of Business Model Innovation and Environmental Turbulence = 혁신지향성이 중소기업의 성과에 미치는 영향: 비즈니스모델혁신과 환경역동성의 역할을 중심으로
(경영학연구 52(1), 191-216)
Miah Lee, Youjae Yi, Na Young Jung 2023
Journal Articles 유병준 디지털 플랫폼 기업 M&A 전략의 경제·사회적 효과 분석: 카카오엔터테인먼트의 사례를 중심으로 = Analyzing the Economic and Social Effects of M&A Strategies of Digital Platform Companies - Focusing on the Case of Kakao Entertainment
(Korea Business Review 27(1), 77-95)
유병준, 정연승, 이정준, 오예린 2023
Journal Articles 박원우 Causes and Solutions of Uncommon Method Bias = 비동일방법편의(Uncommon Method Bias)의 원인과 해결방안
(경영학연구 52(1), 111-136)
Won-Woo Park, Soobin Park, Healyim Lee, Minju Oh, Junsung Maeng 2023
Journal Articles 윤석화 조직과 인사관리연구 45주년: 조직행동 분야 연구의 성과와 과제(2009-2022) = Celebrating 45 Years of the Journal of Organizational Management : Achievement and Prospects in the Field of Organizational Behavior(2009-2022)
(조직과 인사관리연구 47(1), 27-58)
김보영, 윤석화 2023
Books 김상훈 하이테크 마케팅(제5판) 김상훈, 이유석, 이지수 2023
Journal Articles 박성호 Copula-based direct utility models for correlated choice alternatives
(Quantitative Marketing and Economics 20(1), 69 -99)
Chul Kim, Duk Bin Jun, Sungho Park 2022
Journal Articles 김종호 Disagreement about fundamentals: measurement and consequences
(Review of Accounting Studies 27(4), 1423?1456)
Paul Fischer, Chongho Kim, Frank Zhou 2022
Books 최혁 재무관리 최혁, 안희준, 김종오, 정재만, 이우백, 엄윤성, 양철원, 김지현, 우민철, 윤선흠, 반주일, 이효정, 왕수봉 2022
Journal Articles 양홍석 The Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Supply Chain Risk Management Capability and Firm Performance in the Ppuri Industry
(Seoul Journal of Business 28(2), 31-48)
Journal Articles 임재현 COVID-19 and Beyond: Implications on Supply Chain Network Design
(Seoul Journal of Business 28(2), 1-30)
Journal Articles 이제호 파운드리 선단공정 경쟁의 변곡점과 삼성전자의 굳히기 전략 = Samsung Electronics' Winning Stratege in Competition with TSMC for Cutting-Edge Chip Manufacturing Technologies
(경영논집 56, 71-83)
이제호 2022
Journal Articles 박남규 인공지능 시대에 필요한 미래 리더의 요건 = Requirements for Future Leaders in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
(경영논집 56, 31-70)
박남규 2022
Journal Articles 노상규 무한규모 네트워크 경제학과 테슬라 = Economics of Infinite Scale Networks: How Tesla Scales
(경영논집 56, 13-30)
노상규 2022
Journal Articles 남익현 경제권역 축소가 글로벌 조달 효과에 미치는 영향의 모형화 = Modelling the Impact of Reduced Trade Zones on Global Sourcing
(경영논집 56, 1-11)
남익현 2022
Journal Articles 박진수 Digital Government Application: A Case Study of the Korean Civil Documents using Blockchain-based Resource Management Model
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 32(4), 830-856)
Hanbi Jeong, Jihae Suh, Jinsoo Park, Hanul Jung 2022
Journal Articles 김상훈 How Electronic Word-of-Mouth Forms and Affects the Market Performance of Art Exhibitions
(International Journal of Arts Management 25(1), 21-36)
Jung Eun Kwon, Sang-Hoon Kim, Kyoung Cheon Cha 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 ESG 중요성 공시의 유용성
(회계학연구 47(6), 59-86)
선우희연, 이상호, 이우종, 이인형 2022
Book Chapters 석승훈 금융적 상상과 사회적 증권시장
(ESG 정치경제학 : ESG에 대한 비판적 고찰과 발전 방향 109-117, 르몽드코리아)
석승훈 2022
Book Chapters 배종훈 ESG 경영의 한계와 대안적 교환관계
( ESG 정치경제학 : ESG에 대한 비판적 고찰과 발전 방향 99-108, 르몽드코리아)
배종훈 2022
Journal Articles 김우진 자사주 보유가 기업가치에 미치는 영향 = Effect of Treasury Shares on Firm Value: Evidence from Korea
(한국증권학회지 51(6), 787-819)
김우진, 임지은 2022
Journal Articles 장정주 An Exploratory Study on Consumer Perceptions of Price, Quality, and Consumer Service for Personalized Products = 스마트팩토리 개인 맞춤형 제품의 가격, 품질, 서비스의 소비자 인식 및 선호도에 관한 탐색적 연구
(경영학연구 51(6), 1619-1647)
Suhan Woo, Sundong Kwon, JungJoo Jahng 2022
Journal Articles 신재용 Earnings Management Contagion through Supply Chain
(회계저널 31(6), 141-169)
Sohee Park, Jae Yong Shin 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Accounting for the Korea Discount with Book-to-Market Ratios above One
(회계저널 31(6), 33-49)
Taejin Jung, Sehee Kim, Woo-Jong Lee, Hee-Yeon Sunwoo 2022
Journal Articles 조우제 Who benefits from acquisitions of a software target - Hardware Firm or Software Firm Acquirer? = 인수기업 유형에 따른 소프트웨어 기업 인수 시너지 효과 차이 분석
(정보사회와 미디어 23(3), 55-82)
Young Bong Chang, Jiwon Cho, Wooje Cho, Daye Um 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 Addressing the Cause-Related Marketing Paradox for Luxury Brands to Increase Prosocial Behavior and Well-Being
(Journal of Macromarketing 42(4), 624-629)
Sukhyun Kim, Kiwan Park, L. J. Shrum 2022
Journal Articles 이관휘 The world price of tail risk
(Pacific Basin Finance Journal 71, 101696(1-8))
Kuan-Hui Lee, Cheol-Won Yang 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 Assessing recommendation on a combination analysis of SERVPERF (or SERVQUAL) and IPA
(Total Quality Management and Business Excellence 33(15), 1777-1798)
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi 2022
Books 장정주 경영학의 이해(원서13판)(역저) William G. Nickels, James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh 2022
Books 최진남 경영학의 이해(원서13판)(역저) William G. Nickels, James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 친환경라벨이 역효과를 가져올 때: 쾌락재와 실용재에 대한 친환경라벨의 차별적 효과 = When Eco-labeling Backfires: The Differential Effects of Eco-labeling for Hedonic and Utilitarian Products
(서비스마케팅저널 15(2), 5-18)
박지혜, 이유재 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Audit Pricing of Corporate Spinoffs
(회계학연구 47(5), 77-105)
Ga-Young Choi, Bryan Byung-Hee Lee, Woo-Jong Lee, Hee-Yeon Sunwoo, Seunghee Yang 2022
Journal Articles 장정주 Continuance Usage Intention on Subscription-based Streaming Service: Focusing on the Dedication-Constraint Model = 구독 기반 스트리밍 서비스의 지속적 사용 의도: 자의 및 구속 모델을 중심으로
(경영학연구 51(6), 1595 - 1618)
Daeun Lim, Yuna Ro, Saerom Lee, Jungjoo Jahng 2022
Journal Articles 박성호 민간 의료 보험 가입의 효과와 자기선택 편의 = The Effect of Private Health Insurance and Self-Selection Bias
(한국경영과학회지 47(4), 33-51)
박주형, 전덕빈, 박성호, 윤성욱 2022
Journal Articles 조우제 디지털 전환 시대의 지배적 기업과 인수합병: 생산성에 미치는 영향 = Large Firms and M&A Trends in the Digital Transformation Era: Implications for Productivity
(Information Systems Review 24(4), 41-54)
장영봉, 권영옥, 조우제 2022
Journal Articles 이경묵 기업지배구조와 고성과작업시스템 = Corporate Governance and High Performance Work System
(조직과 인사관리연구 46(4), 1-22)
전향숙, 이경묵 2022
Journal Articles 송재용 포스코의 기업시민 실천활동: 평가와 시사점 = POSCO’s Corporate Citizenship Activities: Evaluation and Implications
(Korea Business Review 26(4), 23-36)
신형덕, 송재용 2022
Journal Articles 이동기 핀테크 시장 후발 기업의 차별화 전략: 이루다투자일임 사례를 중심으로 = Late-Mover Differentiation Strategies in the FinTech Industry: A Case Study Research on IRUDA
(Korea Business Review 26(4), 59-74)
이인영, 이동기 2022
Journal Articles 최선화 Shareholders’ tax incentives and changes in the organizational form of foreign operations
(Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 41(5), 106994(1-29))
Heesun Chung, Sunhwa Choi 2022
Journal Articles 주우진 The effect of message features on donations in donation-based crowdfunding
(Journal of Consumer Behaviour 21(6), 1464-1477)
Hyunkyu Jang, Wujin Chu 2022
Journal Articles 신재용 Social Performance Incentives in Mission-Driven Firms
(Management Science 68(10), 7631-7657)
Sun-Moon Jung, Jae Yong Shin 2022
Journal Articles 유병준 Application of AI-based Customer Segmentation in the Insurance Industry
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 32(3), 496-513)
Kyeongmin Yum, Byungjoon Yoo, Jaehwan Lee 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 Perceived economic mobility increases subjective well-being when perceived social support opens the door for others
(International Journal of Consumer Studies 46(6), 2429-2444)
Yongju Kwon, Youjae Yi, Sara Kim 2022