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No. Faculty Title Author Journal Vol. No. Page Year Evaluation IF
2508 박진수 Digital Government Application: A Case Study of the Korean Civil Documents using Blockchain-based Resource Management Model Hanbi Jeong, Jihae Suh, Jinsoo Park, Hanul Jung 32(4) 830-856 2022 SCOPUS
2507 김상훈 How Electronic Word-of-Mouth Forms and Affects the Market Performance of Art Exhibitions Jung Eun Kwon, Sang-Hoon Kim, Kyoung Cheon Cha 25(1) 21-36 2022 SCOPUS
2506 김우진 자사주 보유가 기업가치에 미치는 영향 = Effect of Treasury Shares on Firm Value: Evidence from Korea 김우진, 임지은 51(6) 787-819 2022 SCOPUS
2505 이우종 ESG 중요성 공시의 유용성 선우희연, 이상호, 이우종, 이인형 47(6) 59-86 2022 SCOPUS
2504 이관휘 The world price of tail risk Kuan-Hui Lee, Cheol-Won Yang 71 101696(1-8) 2022 SCOPUS
2503 이유재 Assessing recommendation on a combination analysis of SERVPERF (or SERVQUAL) and IPA Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi 33(15) 1777-1798 2022 SCOPUS
2502 박기완 Addressing the Cause-Related Marketing Paradox for Luxury Brands to Increase Prosocial Behavior and Well-Being Sukhyun Kim, Kiwan Park, L. J. Shrum 42(4) 624-629 2022 SCOPUS
2501 조우제 Who benefits from acquisitions of a software target - Hardware Firm or Software Firm Acquirer? = 인수기업 유형에 따른 소프트웨어 기업 인수 시너지 효과 차이 분석 Young Bong Chang, Jiwon Cho, Wooje Cho, Daye Um 23(3) 55-82 2022 KCI
2500 이유재 친환경라벨이 역효과를 가져올 때: 쾌락재와 실용재에 대한 친환경라벨의 차별적 효과 = When Eco-labeling Backfires: The Differential Effects of Eco-labeling for Hedonic and Utilitarian Products 박지혜, 이유재 15(2) 5-18 2022 KCI
2499 이우종 Accounting for the Korea Discount with Book-to-Market Ratios above One Taejin Jung, Sehee Kim, Woo-Jong Lee, Hee-Yeon Sunwoo 31(6) 33-49 2022 KCI