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No. Faculty Title Author Journal Vol. No. Page Year Evaluation IF
2367 최선화 Voluntary Earnings Notifications and Post-earnings-announcement Drift Giman Nam, Sunhwa Choi 50(5) 473-499 2021 SCOPUS
2366 김준범 The Aggregate Impact of Consumer Reviews on Market Outcome in Differentiated Products Market Jun B. Kim 23(3) 1-12 2021 KCI
2365 박원우 설문조사에서 불성실 응답의 원인과 조사설계 단계에서의 예방 = Causes of Careless Responding in Surveys and Preventions in the Survey Design 박원우, 이유우, 마성혁, 김자영, 배수현, 지선영 50(5) 1401-1434 2021 KCI
2364 최진남 Leader status behaviors and team creativity: The role of collective interactions and status conflict among members Sun Young Sung, Jin Nam Choi 42(8) 1120-1133 2021 SCOPUS
2363 최진남 Do you value or worry about feedback? Tradeoffs between cost and value perceptions and dual feedback-seeking strategies toward creativity Sun Young Sung, Jin Nam Choi 42(7) 950-963 2021 SCOPUS
2362 이종섭 CDS Momentum: Slow-Moving Credit Ratings and Cross-Market Spillovers Jongsub Lee, Andy Naranjo, Stace Sirmans 11(2) 352-401 2021
2361 이우종 IFRS adoption and stock misvaluation: Implication to Korea discount Meeok Cho, Sehee Kim, Yewon Kim, Bryan Byung-Hee Lee, Woo-Jong Lee 58 101494(1-19) 2021 SCOPUS
2360 백복현 Detecting Financial Misreporting with Real Production Activity: Evidence from an Electricity Consumption Analysis KRISTIAN D. ALLEE, BOK BAIK, YONGOH ROH 38(3) 1581-1615 2021 SCOPUS
2359 최종학 쌍용자동차의 손상차손 회계처리가 불러온 여파 = The Case of Impairment Loss of SsangYong Motor Company 최종학, 안혜진 30(4) 223-248 2021 KCI
2358 최선화 감사위원회의 전문성이 회계 정보성에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Audit Committee Expertise on the Informativeness of Accounting Information 조미옥, 최선화 46(4) 249-288 2021 KCI