About the Journal

The Seoul Journal Business(SJB) is a semi-annual publication dedicated to advancing our understanding of business administration on all of its domains. We welcome academic articles ranging from empirical studies to theory and review articles. The scope is broad and flexible. You can download all of the formerly published research articles of the SJB (in PDF format) at https://cba.snu.ac.kr/research/SJB/current-issue.
The SJB launches the SJB Best Paper Awards in 2021. The annual award recognizes excellence in the application of theory and empirics in business administration. SJB announces two best papers rigorously assessed by three of our editors. The Best Paper Awards will consist of the first and second prizes. Golden paper and Silver paper will be awarded $2,000 and $1,000, respectively. Awards will be given to papers which are published in SJB. For submission, manuscripts submitted for consideration should meet our requirements for reference citations and style. You can check our guideline at https://cba.snu.ac.kr/research/SJB/guideline.
We announce The Best Papaer Award in 2021 as follows:
Golden paper: Bryan Byung-Hee Lee and Duri Park. Information Uncertainty and Intraday Market Responses to Corporate Disclosures : A Study of the Korean Stock Market
Silver paper: Abhishek Srivastava, Haeseen Park, and Seokhwa Yun. The Effects of Procedural Justice and Supervisor Close Monitoring on Knowledge Sharing
* We nominated the golden paper from the submitted papers from authors outside SNU to encourage active submissions from other institutions. Silver paper may include an SNU faculty member.
For questions regarding the journal, the review process, or to submit your paper should be directed to the Editor via email (snusjb@snu.ac.kr).