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Journal Articles 최선화 Financial Statement Comparability and the Informativeness of Stock Prices About Future Earnings
(Contemporary Accounting Research 36(1), 389-417)
Journal Articles 신재용 한국과 일본의 공인회계사 선발인원 관리방식: 최소선발예정인원 사전결정제도를 중심으로 = A comparison between Korea and Japan regarding how to determine the number of new CPAs: Focused on the pre-determination system
(회계ㆍ세무와 감사 연구 61(4), 303-329)
권세원, 이문영, 신재용, 이재형 2019
Journal Articles 신재용 최근 법·기술 변화를 고려한 공인회계사 적정 선발인원 = Estimating the Proper Number of New CPAs based on Recent Changes in Regulations and Technology
(회계저널 28(6), 189-220)
이문영, 이유진, 권세원, 신재용 2019
Journal Articles 이용규 리스기준 K-IFRS 1116호의 조기 도입 사례 분석 = A Case Study on the Early Adoption of K-IFRS 1116 “Leases”
(경영논집 53, 89-119)
정재원, 이용규 2019
Journal Articles 이용규 Classification shifting within non-recurring items
(Asia Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics 26(3), 185-206)
Masako Darrough, Yong Gyu Lee, Hyung Il Oh 2019
Journal Articles 이우종 Preference for Appearance over Substance and Corporate Investment
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 48(2), 236-268)
Boochun Jung, Woo-Jong Lee, Xiao Li, Jing Zhou 2019
Journal Articles 황인이 경영자 능력이 주가폭락위험에 미치는 영향 = Managerial Ability and Stock Price Crash Risk
(회계학연구 44(1), 111-154)
황인이, 최세라, 정태진 2019
Journal Articles 이경미 제품의 영감 원천에 대한 정보가 소비자의 제품 평가에 미치는 영향 = The Effects of Inspiration Information about a Product on Consumer Judgment
(마케팅연구 34(3), 95-110)
김승은, 이경미 2019
Journal Articles 송인성 An Optimal Composition of Market Samples for New Product Test Marketing = 신제품 테스트 마케팅을 위한 최적 시장 표본 구성
(경영학연구 48(6), 1461-1483)
Inseong Song, Hongsuk Yang 2019
Journal Articles 박남규 How Do Mobility Direction and Human Assets of Mobile Engineers Affect Joint Knowledge Creation after M&As?
(Sustainability 11(6), 4417(1-21))
Namgyoo K. Park, Monica Youngshin Chun, Jeonghwan Lee 2019
Journal Articles 박남규 자동차 산업 100년 역사에 도전하는 작은 거인: Tesla = Tesla Challenges 100 Years of Automotive Industry History
(Korea Business Review 23(3), 49-68)
박남규, 전영신, 장완진 2019
Journal Articles 박남규 Unite as Small Fish and Dream Big Like a Whale: The Story of Yello Mobile
(Korea Business Review 23(4), 1-31)
Wanjin Jang, Namgyoo K. Park, Monica Young-Shin Chun 2019
Journal Articles 조승아 Managerial attributes, consumer proximity, and corporate environmental performance
(Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 26(1), 159-169)
Cecile K. Cho, Theresa S. Cho, Jessie Lee 2019
Journal Articles 남익현 아마존의 경영전략
(경영정보논총 29(1), 1-11)
남익현 2019
Journal Articles 양홍석 Technology Management Strategy of Smartphone: The Samsung Electronics Case
(경영정보논총 29(1), 43-55)
Dough Heun Kang, Hak Soo Kim, Kyung Lim Ahn, Sang Won Han, Jaeho Shin, Hongsuk Yang 2019
Journal Articles 양홍석 Interaction effects between supply chain capabilities and information technology on firm performance
(Information Technology and Management 20(2), 91-106)
Soojung Oh, Young U. Ryu, Hongsuk Yang 2019
Journal Articles 이경묵 장애인고용만족의 영향요인: 제도적 디커플링 (Institutional Decoupling)의 관점에서 = Factors Affecting Employment Satisfaction with People with Disabilities: From an Institutional Decoupling Perspective
(조직과 인사관리연구 43(1), 103-134)
전이영, 이경묵 2019
Journal Articles 이경묵 우리나라 제도이론 연구에 대한 비판적 고찰과 미래 연구 방향 = A Critical Review of the Literature on Institutional Theory in Korea
(경영학연구 48(1), 1-32)
이경묵 2019
Journal Articles 이정연 The Power of Negative Disposition: An Examination of Trait and State Negative Affect With OCBI and OCBO
(Group and Organization Management 44(6), 1136-1172)
Mark Geiger, Jeong-Yeon Lee, Mingang K. Geiger 2019
Journal Articles 유병준 A bibliographic survey of business models, service relationships, and technology in electronic commerce
(Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 33, 100818(1-8))
Byungjoon Yoo, Moonkyoung Jang 2019
Journal Articles 유병준 Smart Pricing in Action: The Case of Asset Pricing for a Rent-a-Car Company
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 29(4), 673-689)
Chang Hee Han, Seongmin Jeon, Sangchun Shim, Byungjoon Yoo 2019
Journal Articles 노상규 Analyzing the Interdependent Role of Network Centrality, Motivation and Ability in Knowledge Sharing = 네트워크 중심성, 자율적 동기, 그리고 능력 간의 상호의존적 관계가 지식공유에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구
(한국전자거래학회지 24(4), 49-78)
정상윤, 노상규 2019
Journal Articles 박기완 The underdog trap: The moderating role of transgression type in forgiving underdog brands
(Psychology and Marketing 36(1), 28-40)
Yaeri Kim, Kiwan Park, Seojin Stacey Lee 2019
Journal Articles 박기완 Adoption of O2O food delivery services in South Korea: The moderating role of moral obligation in meal preparation
(International Journal of Information Management 47, 262-273)
Minjung Roh, Kiwan Park 2019
Journal Articles 조우제 The Role of Clients in Software Projects with Agile Methods = 애자일 방법론을 사용한 소프트웨어 프로젝트에서의 사용자 역할 분석
(지능정보연구 25(3), 141-160)
Vladimir Kim, Wooje Cho, Yoonhyuk Jung 2019
Journal Articles 박상욱 한국 기업의 딜레마: 효율성과 혁신성
(경영정보논총 29(1), 13-25)
박상욱 2019
Journal Articles 박상욱 순환형 공급사슬 관련 정책 대안에 관한 연구: 생산자책임재활용제도를 중심으로
(한국생산관리학회지 30(1), 39-65)
김성기, 박상욱 2019
Journal Articles 박상욱 Partnership-Based Supply Chain Collaboration: Impact on Commitment, Innovation, and Firm Performance
(Sustainability 11(2), 449(1-19))
Nina Shin, Sunhyun Park, Sangwook Park 2019
Journal Articles 박상욱 Evidence-Based Resilience Management for Supply Chain Sustainability: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach
(Sustainability 11(2), 484(1-23))
Nina Shin, Sangwook Park 2019
Journal Articles 임재현 The Effects of Ecolabels and Environmental Regulations on Green Product Development
(Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 21(3), 519-535)
Karthik Murali, Michael K. Lim, Nicholas C. Petruzzi 2019
Journal Articles 임재현 Promoting Clean Technology Adoption : To Subsidize Products or Service Infrastructure?
(Service Science 11(2), 75-95)
Guangrui Ma, Michael K. Lim, Ho-Yin Mak, Zhixi Wan 2019
Journal Articles 임재현 Money Well Spent? Operations, Mainstreaming, and Fairness of Fair Trade
(Production and Operations Management 28(12), 3023-3041)
Michael K. Lim, Ho-Yin Mak, Seung Jae Park 2019
Journal Articles 채준 거래량의 평균회귀성에 대한 실증연구 = Mean Reversion of the Trading Volume
(재무연구 32(2), 149-186)
강민, 채준 2019
Journal Articles 채준 투자자 관심(Investor Attention)과 기대수익률 = Investor Attention and Expected Return
(선물연구 27(1), 49-83)
이은정, 이유경, 채준 2019
Journal Articles 채준 거래량 변화와 수익률 간의 동시적 상관관계에 대한 실증연구 = Contemporaneous Correlation between theReturn and the Change of Trading Volume
(선물연구 27(4), 425-473)
강민, 채준 2019
Journal Articles 채준 Low-volume return premium in the Korean stock market
(Pacific Basin Finance Journal 58, 101204(1-27))
Joon Chae, Mhin Kang 2019
Journal Articles 채준 Does Internet Search Volume Predict Market Returns and Investors’ Trading Behavior?
(Journal of Behavioral Finance 20(3), 316-338)
Bonha Koo, Joon Chae, Hyungjoo Kim 2019
Journal Articles 채준 Non-interest income and bank performance during the financial crisis
(Applied Economics Letters 26(20), 1683-1688)
Bokyung Park, Jungsoo Park, Joon Chae 2019
Journal Articles 석승훈 모호성 회피성향이 보험 수요에 미치는 영향: 보험금 불확실성을 중심으로 = The Effects of Ambiguity Aversion on Insurance Demand: Focusing on Indemnity Uncertainty
(리스크관리연구 29(4), 1-31)
석승훈, 홍지민 2019
Journal Articles 석승훈 The efficiency effects of life settlement on the life insurance market
(Pacific Basin Finance Journal 56, 395-412)
S. Hun Seog, Jimin Hong 2019
Journal Articles 이관휘 Time-Varying Aggregate Short-Selling in Korea
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 48(5), 690-720)
Kuan-Hui Lee, Shu-Feng Wang 2019
Journal Articles 박소정 Investigating dependence between frequency and severity via simple generalized linear models
(Journal of the Korean Statistical Society 48(1), 13-28)
Woojoo Lee, Sojung C. Park, Jae Youn Ahn 2019
(Journal of Risk and Insurance 86(4), 915-946)
Sojung Carol Park, Xiaoying Xie, Pinghai Rui 2019
Journal Articles 박성호 Trading on Up: An Examination of Factors Influencing the Degree of Upgrade: Evidence from Cash for Clunkers
(Journal of Marketing 83(1), 151-172)
Chadwick J. Miller, Michael A. Wiles, Sungho Park 2019
Journal Articles 박성호 Successfully Communicating a Cocreated Innovation
(Journal of Marketing 83(4), 38-57)
Helen Si Wang, Charles H. Noble, Darren W. Dahl, Sungho Park 2019
Journal Articles 최동범 Risk Sharing and Interbank Market Fragilities
(Seoul Journal of Business 25(2), 35-66)
Dong Beom Choi 2019
Journal Articles 박진수 A Study of Integrative Bargaining Model with Argumentation-Based Negotiation
(Sustainability 11(23), 21p.)
Jinsoo Park, Hamirahanim Abdul Rahman, Jihae Suh, Hazami Hussin 2019
Journal Articles 박진수 Use of Software Agent Technology in Management Information System: A Literature Review and Classification
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 29(1), 65-82)
Hamirahanim Abdul Rahman, Jinsoo Park, Jihae Suh 2019
Journal Articles 이유재 "Retail is detail! Give consumers a gift rather than a bundle": Promotion framing and consumer product returns
(Psychology and Marketing 36(1), 15-27)
Shinhyoung Lee, Youjae Yi 2019
Journal Articles 이유재 옴니채널 환경에서 고객경험이 리테일러 로열티 및 성과에 미치는 영향: 백화점과 할인점의 비교 = Effects of Customer Experience on Retailer Loyalty and Performance in an Omni-Channel Environment: Comparison between Department Stores and Discount Stores
(경영학연구 48(1), 211-241)
이미아, 이유재 2019