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Journal Articles 최진남 Can I Get Back Later or Turn It Off? Day-Level Effect of Remote Communication Autonomy on Sustainable Proactivity
(Sustainability 14(3), 1856(1-14))
Yujing Liu, Jing Du, Jin Nam Choi, Yuan Li 2022
Journal Articles 최진남 Non-work-related instant messaging in the workplace and daily task performance: complementarity between social and cognitive resources
(Journal of Managerial Psychology 37(4), 305-318)
Jing Du, Wei Fan, Jin Nam Choi 2022
Journal Articles 이용규 Corporate social responsibility and classification shifting
(Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 41(2), 106918(1-23))
Juhee Hwang, Sera Choi, Sunhwa Choi, Yong Gyu Lee 2022
Journal Articles 최선화 Corporate social responsibility and classification shifting
(Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 41(2), 106918(1-23))
Juhee Hwang, Sera Choi, Sunhwa Choi, Yong Gyu Lee 2022
Journal Articles 주우진 The effect of adding focal-goal similar versus dissimilar attributes on convergence product purchase decision: The role of relational and item-specific elaboration style
(Journal of Consumer Behaviour 21(2), 296-309)
Juyon Lee, Wujin Chu 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 The impact of self-service versus interpersonal contact on customer?brand relationship in the time of frontline technology infusion
(Psychology and Marketing 39(5), 906-920)
Heekyung Lee, Youjae Yi 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 I will say “No” to that cookie: How imagined future self-regulation drives current self-regulation
(Psychology and Marketing 39(4), 853-870)
Jihye Park, Youjae Yi 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Green commitment and electricity consumption
(Economics Letters 214, 110452(1-4))
Chang-Ri Cui, Jeong-Taek Kim, Sehee Kim, Woo-Jong Lee, Hee-Yeon Sunwoo 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Organized Labor and Inventory Stockpiling
(Accounting Review 97(2), 241-266)
Sophia J. W. Hamm, Boochun Jung, Woo-Jong Lee, Daniel G. Yang 2022
Journal Articles 윤석화 Perfectionism, Interactional Justice and Job Performance: A Trait Activation Perspective
(Sustainability 14(3), 1117(1-12))
Myungsun Kim, Seckyoung Loretta Kim, Seung Yeon Son, Seokhwa Yun 2022
Journal Articles 조우제 The Role of Content Services Within a Firm’s Internet Service Portfolio: Case Studies of Naver Webtoon and Google YouTube = 기업의 인터넷 서비스 포트폴리오 내 콘텐츠 서비스의 역할: 네이버 웹툰과 구글 유튜브의 사례 연구
(지능정보연구 28(1), 1-28)
Jiwon Choi, Wooje Cho, Yoonhyuk Jung, YoungOk Kwon 2022
Journal Articles 이동기 한화그룹의 신수종사업 진출과 경쟁전략: 한화큐셀㈜의 태양광 사업을 중심으로 = The Hanwha Group’s Diversification into the Photovoltaic Industry and Competitive Strategies: The Case of Hanwha Q-Cell
(국제경영리뷰 26(1), 83-102)
박철형, 홍영표, 이동기, 진규호 2022
Journal Articles 김상훈 게임 이용자들의 온라인 포럼 내 상호작용이 게임 성과에 미치는 영향 = Effects of Game Users’ Interactions in Online Forums on the Performance of the Game in the Market
(소비문화연구 25(1), 27-46)
양혜지, 김상훈, 이지수 2022
Journal Articles 고봉찬 Intangible Capital and Market Reactions to Earnings News
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 51(1), 81-105)
Woosung Jung, Bong-Chan Kho 2022
Journal Articles 송인성 뉴스 텍스트를 활용한 국내 자동차 시장의 브랜드 속성 기반 시장 구조 분석 = An Analysis of Brand Attributes-based Market Structure of the Korean Automobile Market Using News Text Data
(한국경영과학회지 47(1), 43-63)
김종대, 송인성 2022
Journal Articles 윤석화 리더의 경계확장행위가 구성원의 창의적 성과에 미치는 영향: 자발적 직무설계의 매개효과를 중심으로 = The Effect of Leader Boundary Spanning Behavior on Creative Performance: The Mediating Effect of Job Crafting
(조직과 인사관리연구 46(1), 1-28)
이지혜, 윤석화 2022
Journal Articles 김우진 A Survey of Research on the Corporate Governance of Korean Firms
(재무연구 35(1), 151-213)
Woochan Kim, Woojin Kim, Kyung Suh Park 2022
Journal Articles 김상훈 인공지능 의료서비스의 환자 순응도에 관한 연구: 신체적 위험의 조절효과와 신뢰의 매개효과를 중심으로 = A Study on Patient Compliance with Medical Artificial Intelligence: The Moderating Role of Physical Risks with Trust as a Mediating Role
(소비자학연구 33(1), 1-22)
이혁진, 이인영, 김상훈 2022
Journal Articles 박희준 임금의 연공성이 조직성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 = The Effect of Seniority-based Pay on Firm Performance
(경영학연구 51(1), 199-226)
박희준, 김희경, 한혜민 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 뉴 패러다임에 대비한 서비스 품질 모형의 개발과 적용: KS-SQI 3.0 모형을 중심으로 = Development and Application of Service Quality Model for the New Paradigm: KS-SQI 3.0
(경영학연구 51(1), 147-177)
권용주, 박현아, 이청림, 이유재 2022
Books 최선화 (사례와 함께하는) 회계원리(4판) 최종학, 송혁준, 이우종, 최선화 2022
Books 이우종 (사례와 함께하는) 회계원리(4판) 최종학, 송혁준, 이우종, 최선화 2022
Books 최종학 (사례와 함께하는) 회계원리(4판) 최종학, 송혁준, 이우종, 최선화 2022
Journal Articles 최진남 Why and when others reciprocate my knowledge sharing in work teams: Attribution of intention and social values
(Social Behavior and Personality 50(1), e10693(1-12))
Hyunjee Hannah Kim, Jin Nam Choi 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 Self-service versus human interaction in private consumption: The moderating role of brand personality
(Social Behavior and Personality 50(4), e11322(1-10))
Seojin Stacey Lee, Kiwan Park, Yaeri Kim 2022
Journal Articles 김성수 Effects of Personality Traits and Team Context on Individual Innovative Behavior (Exploitation and Exploration)
(Sustainability 14(1), 306(1-18))
Mihye Park, Seongsu Kim 2022
Journal Articles 주우진 The effect of cultural and psychological characteristics on the purchase behavior and satisfaction of electric vehicles: A comparative study of US and China
(International Journal of Consumer Studies 46(1), 345?364)
Mee Ryoung Song, Wujin Ch, Meeja Im 2022
Journal Articles 박원우 The paradox of building bridges: Examining countervailingeffects of leader external brokerage on team performance
(Journal of Organizational Behavior 43(1), 36-51)
Mee Sook Kim, Jessica R. Methot, Won-Woo Park, Stanley M. Gully 2022
(Academy of Management Journal 64(2), 643-678)
Journal Articles 한정석 Hysteresis in Price Efficiency and the Economics of Slow-Moving Capital
(Review of Financial Studies 34(6), 2857-2909)
James Dow, Jungsuk Han, Francesco Sangiorgi 2021
Journal Articles 남익현 ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance)와 탄소절감에 대한 검토와 SCM(Supply Chain Management)
(경영정보논총 31(2), 1-12)
남익현 2021
Journal Articles 주우진 The Effect of Adding Novel Attributes to Hedonic vs. Utilitarian Base: Role of Holistic vs. Analytic Thinking Style
(Asia Marketing Journal 23(2), 1-29)
Juyon Lee, Wujin Chu 2021
Journal Articles 박소정 Fee-For-Service Health Insurance and Moral Hazard of Hospitals
(Asia Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance 15(2), 145-167)
Chan Wook Jung, Sojung Carol Park 2021
Journal Articles 장정주 인공지능기술과 비즈니스 패러다임의 변화 = Artificial Intelligence Technology and Business Paradigm Changes
(경영논집 55, 23-28)
장정주 2021
Journal Articles 이제호 인텔의 구원 투수 팻 겔싱어의 턴어라운드 전략과 삼성전자의 기회 = Intel's Turnaround Strategy and Opportunities for Samsung Foundry
(경영논집 55, 1-21)
이제호 2021
Journal Articles 안태식 기업 경영전략이 신용등급에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Corporate Strategy on Credit Rating
(회계저널 30(6), 73-106)
현지원, 최세라, 안태식, 권대현 2021
Journal Articles 최동범 금융감독권의 최적 형태에 관한 고찰 = On the Optimal Financial Supervisory Architecture
(경제논집 60(2), 63-92)
김재영, 최동범 2021
Journal Articles 최진남 Contingent effects of workforce diversity on firm innovation: high-tech industry and market turbulence as critical environmental contingencies
(International Journal of Human Resource Management 32(9), 1986-2012)
Sun Young Sung, Jin Nam Choi 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 Auditors’ Response to Audit Fee Lowballing: The Change in Audit Hours and Hourly Audit Fees
(Seoul Journal of Business 27(2), 1-35)
Journal Articles 박선현 한국기업 사외이사 네트워크에서의 끊어진 연결 복구: 기업 엘리트집단, 자원의존, 조직학습 관점을 중심으로 = Broken-tie-reconstitution of the Korean Independent Director Network: Corporate Elite Network, Resource Dependence and Inter-organizational Learning
(전략경영연구 24(3), 1-32)
박선현 2021
Journal Articles 김우진 Does Analyst Coverage Encourage Firm Innovation? Evidence from Korea
(Seoul Journal of Business 27(2), 73-117)
Journal Articles 김병도 기업의 ESG역량과 기업가치의 관계에 대한 연구: 소비자 인지의 조절효과를 중심으로 = A Study on the Relationship between ESG Competency and Firm Value: Moderating Effect of Customer’s Awareness
(경영학연구 50(6), 1571-1593)
김양희, 석준희, 김병도 2021
Journal Articles 양홍석 Differentiation Strategy of Samsung Display for Small and Medium Size Panel Business
(경영정보논총 31(1), 9-25)
Jung Rae Kim, Sunghwan Park, Hongsuk Yang 2021
Journal Articles 남익현 해상운송 컨테이너의 혼잡에 대한 모형화
(경영정보논총 31(1), 1-8)
남익현 2021
Journal Articles 최동범 Does Securitization Weaken Screening Incentives?
(Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 56(8), 2934-2962)
Dong Beom Choi, Jung-Eun Kim 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 The Effect of External Audits: Evidence from Voluntary Audits of Hedge Funds
(Accounting Horizons 35(4), 23-43)
Dichu Bao, Jong-Hag Choi, Byoung Uk Kang, Woo-Jong Lee 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 The Effect of External Audits: Evidence from Voluntary Audits of Hedge Funds
(Accounting Horizons 35(4), 23-43)
Dichu Bao, Jong-Hag Choi, Byoung Uk Kang, Woo-Jong Lee 2021
Books 최진남 스마트 조직행동 최진남, 성선영 2021
Books 신재용 공정한 보상 신재용 2021
Journal Articles 양홍석 혁신 제약과 정부지원제도가 물류업의 혁신 성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 = The Effect of Innovation Constraints and Government Support System on the Innovation Performance of the Logistics Industry
(한국생산관리학회지 32(4), 417-435)
신재호, 양홍석 2021