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Journal Articles 박성호 The effect of epidemic outbreak on healthcare usage: Lessons from the 2015 Middle East respiratory syndrome outbreak in South Korea
(Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A 185(3), 1319-1343)
Jinhwan Park, Duk Bin Jun, Sungho Park 2022
Journal Articles 김우진 Corporate executives’ incentives and ESG performance
(Finance Research Letters 49, 103187(1-8))
Ga-Young Jang, Hyoung-Goo Kang, Woojin Kim 2022
Journal Articles 최동범 ESG 경영과 대리인 문제 = ESG and Managerial Agency Problems
(한국증권학회지 51(4), 417-445)
정성준, 최동범 2022
Journal Articles 이경묵 우리나라 국민의 반기업정서 현황과 영향요인 = Negative Attitudes towards Korean Companies in Korea: Current State and Their Antecedents
(조직과 인사관리연구 46(3), 107-132)
이경묵, 전향숙 2022
Journal Articles 배종훈 차이와 갈등의 의례 네트워크: 이방인의 수용 과정 = Ritual Networks of Difference and Conflict: Accepting Strangers into the Workplace
(인사조직연구 30(3), 135-160)
배종훈, 김민수, 김영규, 박상찬, 이승윤 2022
Journal Articles 이경미 기업의 혁신개방성 이미지와 사회 공헌 활동에서의 내집단 강조가 소비자의 기업 평가에 미치는 영향 = How a Company’s Innovative Image and Communal Messages in CSR Can Interact in Shaping Consumer Evaluation
(마케팅연구 37(3), 73-100)
한혜주, 박혜원, 박수진, 이경미 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 The Intelligent Are Full of Doubt: Why Probabilistic Uncertain Advice is Evaluated More Highly than Certain Advice = 왜 불확실한 확률 조언이 확실한 조언보다 선호되는가?
(마케팅연구 37(3), 1-26)
Minjeong Ko, Kiwan Park 2022
Books 이관휘 투자의 기초 : 주식부터 채권, 환율까지 이관휘 2022
Journal Articles 서경원 Foundations of ambiguity models under symmetry: α-MEU and smooth ambiguity
(Journal of Economic Theory 199, 105202(1-34))
Peter Klibanoff, Sujoy Mukerji, Kyoungwon Seo, Lorenzo Stanca 2022
Journal Articles 백복현 Income Smoothing through R&D Management and Earnings Informativeness
(Accounting Review 97(3), 25-49)
Bok Baik, Katherine A. Gunny, Boochun Jung, Duri Park 2022
Journal Articles 박성호 Bypassing Performance Optimizers of Real Time Bidding Systems in Display Ad Valuation
(Information Systems Research 33(2), 399-412)
Ranjit M. Christopher, Sungho Park, Sang Pil Han, Min-Kyu Kim 2022
Journal Articles 박성호 A sequential choice model for multiple discrete demand
(Quantitative Marketing and Economics 20(2), 141-178)
Sanghak Lee, Sunghoon Kim, Sungho Park 2022
Journal Articles 김상훈 Psychological determinants of non-attendees’ resistance toward performing arts
(Journal of Business Research 149, 690-699)
Jisu Yi, Youseok Lee, Jungmin Suh, Sang-Hoon Kim 2022
Journal Articles 황이석 Earnings Conservatism and Repatriation Tax Costs
(회계학연구 47(3), 103-138)
Lee-Seok Hwang, Myung-In Kim 2022
Journal Articles 최선화 경영자 보상계약에서 회계성과지표의 사용: 시계열적 변화를 중심으로 = The Use of Accounting Performance Measures in Executive Compensation Contracts: Evidence on Time-Series Changes
(회계저널 31(3), 97-126)
안재환, 최선화 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 ESG 활동과 기업가치의 상관관계와 인과관계 = Value Implications of ESG Performance
(회계저널 31(3), 31-60)
김세희, 선우희연, 이우종, 정아름 2022
Journal Articles 최진남 Affect stability and employee creativity: the roles of work-related positive affect and knowledge sharing
(European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 31(3), 331-340)
In-Jo Park, Jin Nam Choi, Kai Wu 2022
Journal Articles 최진남 How do feedback seekers think? Disparate cognitive pathways towards incremental and radical creativity
(European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 31(3), 470-483)
Min Yu, Jin Nam Choi 2022
Journal Articles 최진남 Translating proactive and responsive creativity to innovation implementation: The roles of internal and external team behaviours for implementation
(Creativity and Innovation Management 31(2), 162-178)
Hyunjee Hannah Kim, Jin Nam Choi, Thomas Sy 2022
Journal Articles 조우제 Unlatching or latching a door to the competitor
(Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 34(6), 1245-1265)
Wooje Cho, Woojung Chang, Dongryul Lee 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 Assessing moderator effects, main effects, and simple effects without collinearity problems in moderated regression models
(Journal of Business Research 145, 905-919)
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi 2022
Journal Articles 석승훈 Market insurance and endogenous saving with multiple loss states
(North American Journal of Economics and Finance 61, 101679(1-15))
S. Hun Seog, Jimin Hong 2022
Journal Articles 주우진 A Design-related Information Processing Model for Brand Communication in Retail Spaces
(Journal of Distribution Science 20(6), 109-123)
Jeongmin LEE, Wujin CHU, Jisu YI 2022
Journal Articles 이종섭 Sabotage! Whistle-blowing Inside Family Firms During Succession Tournaments
(Seoul Journal of Business 28(1), 67-112)
Journal Articles 신재용 Informativeness of Peer Performance and Analyst Forecasts in Performance Target Setting
(Seoul Journal of Business 28(1), 1-30)
Journal Articles 배종훈 Venture Capitalists in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Fitness-reducing Competition
(Seoul Journal of Business 28(1), 31-66)
Journal Articles 박기완 직무 만족-불만족에 대한 결정요인으로서 인지된 혁신성 수준의 역할에 대한 연구: 텍스트 마이닝 기법의 활용 = The Role of Perceived Innovativeness as a Factor Determining Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: An Application of Text Mining Techniques
(서비스마케팅저널 15(1), 5-25)
장호준, 서교원, 김종대, 한윤지, 송승연, 박기완 2022
Journal Articles 최동범 Clogged Intermediation: Were Home Buyers Crowded Out?
(Journal of Money Credit and Banking 54(4), 1065-1098)
Journal Articles 이유재 Is returning a product worth my time? The impact of time cues on consumer product returns
(Psychology and Marketing 39(7), 1413-1427)
Shinhyoung Lee, Youjae Yi 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 Is a gift on sale “heart-discounted”? Givers’ misprediction on the value of discounted gifts and the influence of service robots
(Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 65, 102489(1-12))
Yookyung Park, Youjae Yi 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Pro-Labor Institutions and Corporate Employment Efficiency
(Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance 37(3), 547-561)
Boochun Jung, Tony Kang, Woo-Jong Lee, Gaoguang (Stephen) Zhou 2022
Journal Articles 송인성 From intuition to intelligence: a text mining?based approach for movies’ green-lighting process
(Internet Research 32(3), 1003-1022)
Jongdae Kim, Youseok Lee, Inseong Song 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 How looking forward over the short period to-go affects consumer enjoyment: Role of temporal scarcity in access-based services
(Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 65, 102521(1-12))
Shinhyoung Lee, Kiwan Park 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 Cause-related marketing of luxury brands: Nudging materialists to act prosocially
(Psychology and Marketing 39(6), 1204-1217)
Sukhyun Kim, Kiwan Park, L. J. Shrum 2022
Journal Articles 조성욱 Housing Price Risks and Lending Behavior of Banks before and after the 2008 Financial Crisis
(재무연구 35(2), 37-72)
Sung Wook Joh, Seongjun Jeong 2022
Journal Articles 장정주 Factors Affecting the Usefulness of Online Reviews: The Moderating Role of Price = 온라인 리뷰 유용성에 영향을 미치는 요인: 가격의 조절 효과
(한국전자거래학회지 27(2), 153-173)
Jiyun Yun, Yuna Ro, Boram Kwon, Jungjoo Jahng 2022
Journal Articles 윤석화 국내 윤리적 리더십에 관한 연구: 체계적 고찰과 메타분석 = A Study on Ethical Leadership in Korea: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
(조직과 인사관리연구 46(2), 5-55)
이지혜, 이수진, 김석영, 윤석화, 정민영 2022
Journal Articles 윤석화 <특집호 서언> 조직 및 인사관리 분야의 다양한 방법론 = Diverse Methodologies in the Field of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
(조직과 인사관리연구 46(2), 1-4)
손승연, 이수진, 윤석화 2022
Journal Articles 김우진 기업집단 소유지배구조 측정 방식 재검토: 주식소유 현황 공시제도 개선 방안 = Measuring Cash Flow Rights of the Controlling Shareholder at the Business Group Level: A Critical Evaluation of KFTC’s Current Practice
(법경제학연구 19(1), 57-82)
김우진, 이은정 2022
Books 이관휘 기업은 누구의 것인가 : 한국 기업에 거버넌스의 기본을 묻다 이관휘 2022
Books 장정주 (The Core) 경영학의 이해(원서2판)(역저) William G. Nickels, James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh 2022
Books 최진남 (The Core) 경영학의 이해(원서2판)(역저) William G. Nickels, James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh 2022
Journal Articles 이종섭 The Wisdom of Crowds in FinTech: Evidence from Initial Coin Offerings
(Review of Corporate Finance Studies 11(1), 1-46)
Jongsub Lee, Tao Li, Donghwa Shin 2022
Journal Articles 이종섭 Credit Default Swaps around the World
(Review of Financial Studies 35(5), 2464-2524)
Sohnke M. Bartram, Jennifer Conrad, Jongsub Lee, Marti G. Subrahmanyam 2022
Journal Articles 이우종 Busy analysts in uncertain times
(Finance Research Letters 46(B), 102488(1-6))
Sehee Kim, Woo-Jong Lee, Sunyoung Park, Hee-Yeon Sunwoo 2022
Journal Articles 박성호 An Integrative Approach to Determinants of Pre-Roll Ad Acceptance and Their Relative Impact: Evidence from Big Data
(Journal of Advertising 51(1), 76-84)
Mi Hyun Lee, Su Jung Kim, Sang-Hyeak Yoon, Sungho Park 2022
Journal Articles 박기완 Human-like underdog brands: How brand personality affects self-service technology adoption
(Social Behavior and Personality 50(4), e11237(1-13))
Yaeri Kim, Kiwan Park, Seojin Stacey Lee 2022
Journal Articles 김성수 Gender, Bottom-Line Mentality, and Workplace Mistreatment: The Roles of Gender Norm Violation and Team Gender Composition
(Journal of Applied Psychology 107(5), 854-865)
Kenneth Tai, KiYoung Lee, Eugene Kim, Tiffany D. Johnson, Wei Wang, Michelle K. Duffy, Seongsu Kim 2022
Journal Articles 이유재 공정하다는 착각에서 벗어날 때: 소비자의 주관적 사회경제지위가 서비스 직원에 대한 갑질에 미치는 영향과 심리적 기제 = When Freeing Yourself from the Illusion of Being Fair: The Effect of Consumers’ Subjective Socioeconomic Status on Gapjil Toward Service Employees and Its Psychological Mechanism
(소비자학연구 33(2), 159-189)
권용주, 이유재 2022
Books 이용규 (K-IFRS) 중급회계(제2판) 김성기, 윤성수, 이용규 2022