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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
35 채준 우리나라 금융시장의 신용할당에 관한 실증연구 蔡濬 서울대학교 1995 Master's
34 이경묵 Social networks, firm behavior, and industry evolution : a study of professional service firms Kyungmook Lee University of Pennsylvania 1995 Doctoral
33 양홍석 課業 複雜性과 成果 피드백이 內在的 모티베이션에 미치는 影響에 關한 硏究 梁弘錫 서울대학교 1995 Master's
32 조성욱 Management incentive compensation in the U.S. and Japan : product market structure and governance effects Sung Wook Joh Harvard University 1994 Doctoral
31 박진수 User Request Process System : Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania Jinsoo Park University of Pittsburgh 1994 Master's
30 황이석 Stock ownership, managerial incentive contracts, and board composition : An analysis of corporate investments and firm performance Hwang LeeSeok New York University(NYU) 1994 Master's
29 윤석화 과업수행자신감이 목표설정에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 尹錫和 서울대학교 1994 Master's
28 고봉찬 Two essays on time-varying risk premia and trading rule profits Bong-chan Kho Ohio State University 1994 Doctoral
27 강성춘 政府政策에 대한 企業聯合體의 反應行動에 관한 硏究 姜聲春 서울대학교 1994 Master's
26 이동기 Analyzing competitive strategies in international markets Dong Kee. Rhee New York University 1993 Doctoral