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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
65 박선현 Decoupling, strategic adaptation to institutional pressure : a study about Korean firms adaptation to outside directorship 박선현 서울대학교 2003 Master's
64 오정석 Alliance incentives in the online content market Christopher Jungsuk Oh Stanford University 2002 Doctoral
63 송인성 Empirical analysis of dynamic consumer choice behavior : micromodeling the new product adoption process with heterogeneous and forward-looking consumers Inseong Song University of Chicago 2002 Doctoral
62 서경원 Pricing the floating rate note : a case of Korea deposit insurance corporation 徐慶元 서울대학교 2002 Master's
61 이용규 경영성과의 회계적 측정치와 경영자 보상간의 관계 : 한국기업 경영자보상의 하방경직성을 중심으로 이용규 서울대학교 2002 Master's
60 윤석화 Leadership in an intense situation Seokhwa Yun University of Maryland, College Park 2001 Doctoral
59 김정욱 Essays on asset pricing Jung-Wook Kim Harvard University 2001 Doctoral
58 황인이 주식매입 선택권을 도입하는 기업의 특성연구 황인이 서울대학교 2001 Master's
57 박희준 Use of the athletic conference as a wage comparison group in Wisconsin teachers' collective bargaining : implications for institutional theory and organizational learnig theory Heejoon Park University of Wisconsin-Madison 2001 Doctoral
56 최종학 A reexamination of bias in management earnings forecasts Jong-Hag Choi. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2000 Doctoral