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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
85 김준범 Three essays on consumer information search Jun Beom Kim University of California, Los Angeles 2009 Doctoral
84 이용규 An Examination of SFAS 146 Restructuring Charges Yong Gyu Lee Columbia University 2008 Doctoral
83 서경원 Essays on second-order belief, subjective states and coarse contingencies Kyoungwon Seo University of Rochester 2008 Doctoral
82 이우종 Three essays on corporate valuation 이우종 서울대학교 2008 Doctoral
81 최선화 (The)Effect of quarterly review by auditors on the timing of adjustments to quarterly earnings = 감사인의 반기검토가 분기재무제표의 조정항목에 미치는 영향 최선화 서울대학교 2006 Doctoral
80 이관휘 Liquidity risk and asset pricing Kuan-Hui Lee Ohio State University 2006 Doctoral
79 신재용 Essays on the relation between institutional ownership composition and the structure of CEO compensation Jae Yong Shin University of Wisconsin--Madison 2006 Master's
78 김우진 Essays in International Finance Woojin Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2006 Doctoral
77 강성춘 Managing the intellectual capital architecture Sung-Choon Kang Cornell University 2006 Doctoral
76 이정연 Idiosyncratic deal making and organizational citizenship behavior in the internal labor market : a transaction cost perspective Jeong-Yeon Lee Indiana University 2005 Doctoral