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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
55 장정주 Successful design of electronic commerce environments : the role of sense of presence on user behavior Jungjoo Jahng University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee 2000 Doctoral
54 박남규 Resource access and firm value : a test of resource effects in the international airline industry Namgyoo K. Park New York University 2000 Doctoral
53 김상훈 Modeling buyers' upgrading behavior on successive versions of high-tech products : theoretical and empirical analyses Sang-Hoon Kim Stanford University 2000 Doctoral
52 최진남 Microprocesses in implementing innovations : the role of person-innovation fit Jin Nam Choi The University of Michigan 2000 Doctoral
51 조승아 The effects of increased managerial discretion on top executive team composition, compensation and attention ; the implications for strategic change and performance Seung Ah THeresa Cho Columbia University 1999 Doctoral
50 박진수 Facilitating interoperability among heterogeneous geographic database systems : A theoretical framework, a prototype system, and evaluation Jinsoo Park The University of Arizona 1999 Doctoral
49 김준범 A goal-oriented design evaluation framework for decision making under uncertainty Jun Beom Kim Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 1999 Doctoral
48 이관휘 주가수익률과 해외상장 DR 수익률을 이용한 금융위기 기간동안의 본국시장주도 가설에 관한 실증연구 李官徽 서울대학교 1999 Master's
47 이경미 브랜드개성이 소비자-브랜드 관계의 질적차원에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 : 소비자의 Self-monitoring을 중심으로 李京美 서울대학교 1999 Master's
46 박기완 消費者의 製品評價에 미치는 外國語 브랜드名의 效果에 관한 硏究 朴基完 서울대학교 1998 Master's