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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
75 이경미 A brand entitativity model : metacognitive coherence surrounding the conception of a brand and implications for consumers' judgment processes Kyoungmi Lee University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2005 Doctoral
74 황인이 Relative importance of measures of past performance : theory and evidence Hwang, Iny The University of Texas at Dallas. Graduate Program in Management Science 2005 Doctoral
73 박성호 패널자료 개입분석을 위한 모형 개발 및 예측 : 통합추정과 베이지안 다계층모형에의 응용 = Hierarchical bayesian approach to intervention analysis using panel data 박성호 한국과학기술원 2004 Doctoral
72 양홍석 Inventory management with demand substitution using a new simulation approach Hongsuk Yang University of Chicago 2004 Doctoral
71 배종훈 Competition and network dynamics : search for new capabilities and firm growth in the telecommunications industry, 1991-1999 Jonghoon Bae INSEAD 2004 Doctoral
70 박기완 When and why temporal distance matters : the case for goal-directed future consumption Kiwan Park University of Michigan 2004 Doctoral
69 박소정 내재 변동성을 이용한 KOSPI200 지수 실현 변동성 추정 방법 비교 朴炤貞 서울대학교 2004 Master's
68 채준 Essays in financial economics Joon Chae Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management 2003 Doctoral
67 유병준 Ownership structure and business model of electronic business-to-business marketplaces Byungjoon Yoo Carnegie Mellon University 2003 Doctoral
66 백복현 Two essays on self-selection bias in consensus analysts' forecasts Bokhyeon Baik University of California, Berkeley 2003 Doctoral