Grade Semester I Semester II Note
M2171.002000* Business Administration and My Future
M2171.002100* Business Philosophy and Ethics
M2171.001900* Economics for Business
251.205* Principles of Accounting
1. Basic major for freshmen(Business Administration and My Future, Business Philosophy and Ethics, Economics for Business)must be taken in the 1-1 semester
2. Seminar for Graduation must be taken in the semester scheduled for graduation
3. Other major courses can freely be taken before graduation according to the graduation requirements
4. elective course follows the standard form of completion of elective course
251.204A Intermediate Accounting
251.207A* Management Sciences
251.209* Organizational Behavior
251.214 Business Law
251.218 Case Studies in Marketing
251.219 Business communication
251.301* Financial Management
M1338.001800 Global Community Service Ⅰ
251.215 Organization Structure
251.324A Intermediate Accounting II
251.326* Management Information System
M2171.001800 Theory and Practice of Negotiation
M1338.002300 Global Community Service Ⅱ
251.306* Managerial Accounting
251.335 Financial Statement Analyses and Firm Valuation
251.338 Preparation for the Corporate World
251.339 Insurance and Risk Management
251.340 Corporate Governance and Investment Ethics
251.401 Auditing
251.422 Investments
M1338.001500 Introduction to Big Data Analytics for Management
M2171.000700 Local Community Service & Leadership
M1338.002000 Customer Experience Design and Content Strategy
M1338.001600 Electronic Commerce
251.303* Human Resource Management
251.305 Cost Accounting
251.317 Management of Financial Institutions
251.321* Marketing Management
251.322 International Business Management
251.323 Corporate Finance
251.327 Consumer Behavior
251.328 Special Topics in Management
251.329 Total Quality Management
251.331B Managing Networked Business
251.332 Contemporary Management Theories
251.333 Business Ethics
251.334 New Product Development and Product Management
251.336 Supply Chain Management
251.402 Tax Accounting
M1338.001200 Art and Culture Marketing
M2171.000600 Business Analytics and its Applications
M2171.002700 Strategic Brand Management
M1338.002800 Finance and Machine Learning
M1338.003000* Operations Management
251.325 Advanced Accounting
251.411A Marketing Research
251.420 Financial Derivatives
251.424* Corporate Strategy
251.426 International Business Enviornment
251.434 Special Topics in Business Administration
251.436 Service Operations Management
251.441 Special Topics in Marketing
251.445 Special Topics in Accounting
M1338.002100 Digital Marketing
M2171.001000 Capital Markets and Accounting
M2171.000900 Accounting Information and Business Decision-making
M1338.001700 Case Studies in Finance
251.423 Industrials Relations
251.425 Advertising Management
251.430 International Financial Management
251.432 Special Topics in Management
251.435 Topics in Information Systems
251.439 Special Topics in Management Information System
251.440 Special Topics in International Business
251.442 Special Topics in Operation
251.443 Special Topics in Organization and Personnel
251.448 Fixed Income Securities
251.450 Firm, Value and Finance
M2171.000400 A Discourse on Risk and Business
M1338.002400 Studies in Management Information System
M1338.002700 Case Studies in Fintech
M1338.002600* Seminar for Graduation
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