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No. Faculty Title Author Journal Vol. No. Page Year Evaluation IF
2390 박원우 The paradox of building bridges: Examining countervailingeffects of leader external brokerage on team performance Mee Sook Kim, Jessica R. Methot, Won-Woo Park, Stanley M. Gully 43(1) 36-51 2022 SCOPUS
2389 최동범 금융감독권의 최적 형태에 관한 고찰 = On the Optimal Financial Supervisory Architecture 김재영, 최동범 60(2) 63-92 2021
2388 최진남 Contingent effects of workforce diversity on firm innovation: high-tech industry and market turbulence as critical environmental contingencies Sun Young Sung, Jin Nam Choi 32(9) 1986-2012 2021 SCOPUS
2387 최종학 Auditors’ Response to Audit Fee Lowballing: The Change in Audit Hours and Hourly Audit Fees SUNYOUNG PARK, EUGENIA Y. LEE, JONG-HAG CHOI 27(2) 1-35 2021 KCI
2386 박선현 한국기업 사외이사 네트워크에서의 끊어진 연결 복구: 기업 엘리트집단, 자원의존, 조직학습 관점을 중심으로 = Broken-tie-reconstitution of the Korean Independent Director Network: Corporate Elite Network, Resource Dependence and Inter-organizational Learning 박선현 24(3) 1-32 2021 KCI
2385 김우진 Does Analyst Coverage Encourage Firm Innovation? Evidence from Korea WOOJIN KIM, YOONYOUNG CHOY 27(2) 73-117 2021 KCI
2384 김병도 기업의 ESG역량과 기업가치의 관계에 대한 연구: 소비자 인지의 조절효과를 중심으로 = A Study on the Relationship between ESG Competency and Firm Value: Moderating Effect of Customer’s Awareness 김양희, 석준희, 김병도 50(6) 1571-1593 2021 KCI
2383 양홍석 Differentiation Strategy of Samsung Display for Small and Medium Size Panel Business Jung Rae Kim, Sunghwan Park, Hongsuk Yang 31(1) 9-25 2021
2382 남익현 해상운송 컨테이너의 혼잡에 대한 모형화 남익현 31(1) 1-8 2021
2381 최동범 Does Securitization Weaken Screening Incentives? Dong Beom Choi, Jung-Eun Kim 56(8) 2934-2962 2021 SCOPUS