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No. Faculty Title Author Journal Vol. No. Page Year Evaluation IF
2319 송재용 Learning from Technologically Successful Peers: The Convergence of Asian Laggards to the Technology Frontier Yuzhe Miao, Robert M. Salomon, Jaeyong Song 32(1) 210-232 2021 SCOPUS
2318 박상욱 Consumer satisfaction–based social commerce service quality management Nina Shin, Sangwook Park, Hyunjung Kim 24(1) 34-52 2021 SCOPUS
2317 김송희 Eliciting Human Judgment for Prediction Algorithms Rouba Ibrahim, Song-Hee Kim, Jordan Tong 67(4) 2314-2325 2021 SCIE
2316 김상훈 Look! don’t let it weigh you down: The effect of visual density on perceived product heaviness and evaluation Yuna Choe, Youseok Lee, Haipeng (Allan) Chen, Sang-Hoon Kim 126 35-47 2021 SCOPUS
2315 김상훈 Impact of online information on the diffusion of movies: Focusing on cultural differences Youseok Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Kyoung Cheon Cha 130 603-609 2021 SCOPUS
2314 강성춘 High-performancework systems with internal and external contingencies: The moderating roles of organizational slack and industry instability Kwanghyun Kim, Chiho Ok, Sung-Choon Kang, Johngseok Bae, Kiwook Kwon 60(3) 415-433 2021 SCOPUS
2313 이유재 The Marginal Decomposition Approach Quantifying Direct and Indirect Effects in Causal Models SANGJUNE PARK, YOUJAE YI 27(1) 1-22 2021 KCI
2312 이우종 연구개발 지출의 수익성, 지속성, 자본화, 가치관련성의 추세 = Changing Landscapes of R&D Profitability, Persistence, Capitalization, and Value Relevance 김세희, 조미옥, 선우희연, 이우종 30(3) 43-80 2021 KCI
2311 이용규 Overproduction, Aggregate Accounting Performance, and Gross Domestic Product BJORN N. JORGENSEN, YONG GYU LEE, HYUNG IL OH 27(1) 75-110 2021 KCI
2310 이경묵 Liability of High Status: Overpayment to Relieve Status Anxiety in the English Premier League MICHAEL PARK, KYUNGMOOK LEE 27(1) 23-48 2021 KCI