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No. Faculty Title Author Publisher Year Master's/Doctoral
44 배종훈 企業間 社會的 連結關係와 戰略的 行動에 關한 硏究 裵鍾勳 서울대학교 1998 Master's
43 박상욱 Dynamic routing and inventory allocation in a one-warehouse N-retailer distribution system Sangwook. Park Purdue University 1997 Doctoral
42 이제호 Change agents and the evolution of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, 1920-1960 Jeho Lee University of Pennsylvania 1996 Doctoral
41 신재용 限定意見의 情報價値에 대한 實證的 硏究 申在鎔 서울대학교 1996 Master's
40 박철순 The dynamics of acquisitive diversification : a new approach to the consequences of diversification Choelsoon Park Columbia University 1995 Doctoral
39 박남규 Matket competition, inter-competitor alliance and performance : a study of global airline industry 朴南奎 서울대학교 1995 Doctoral
38 노상규 Distributed database design : allocation of data and operations to nodes in distributed database systems Sangkyu Rho University of Minnesota 1995 Doctoral
37 김준범 Quenching behavior in a NB₃Al superconducting coil operating in the temperature range of 4.2 to 12K Jun Beom Kim Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 1995 Master's
36 김성수 Early retirement incentives in a restructuring organization : the case of university professors Seongsu Kim University of California, Los Angeles 1995 Doctoral
35 채준 우리나라 금융시장의 신용할당에 관한 실증연구 蔡濬 서울대학교 1995 Master's