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Journal Articles 박원우 To collaborate or not? The moderating effects of team conflict on performance-prove goal orientation, collaboration, and team performance
(Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 94(3), 568-590)
Patrick E. Downes, Erik Gonzalez-Mule, Jee Young Seong, Won-Woo Park 2021
Journal Articles 최동범 Watering a lemon tree: Heterogeneous risk taking and monetary policy transmission
(Journal of Financial Intermediation 47, 100873(1-22))
Dong Beom Choi, Thomas M. Eisenbach, Tanju Yorulmazer 2021
Journal Articles 이유재 Where You Live Matters to Have the American Dream: The Impact of Collective Social Capital on Perceived Economic Mobility and the Moderating Role of Income
(Asia Marketing Journal 23(1), 29-62)
Yanghee Kim, Youjae Yi, Hyuna Bak 2021
Journal Articles 신재용 Why Do Firms Utilize the Flexibility Allowed in CEOEmployee Pay Ratio Disclosure? Evidence from DoddFrank Act Section 953 (b)
(Accounting Horizons 35(2), 83-106)
Sun-Moon Jung, Natalie Kyung Won Kim, Han Seong Ryu, Jae Yong Shin 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 가족기업의 신임 최고경영자 공시에 대한 주식시장의 반응 = Stock Market Reactions to CEO Succession in Family-Controlled Firms
(경영학연구 50(4), 981-1009)
류진아, 박선현, 이동기 2021
Journal Articles 이동기 가족기업의 신임 최고경영자 공시에 대한 주식시장의 반응 = Stock Market Reactions to CEO Succession in Family-Controlled Firms
(경영학연구 50(4), 981-1009)
류진아, 박선현, 이동기 2021
Journal Articles 최선화 감사위원회의 전문성이 회계 정보성에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Audit Committee Expertise on the Informativeness of Accounting Information
(회계학연구 46(4), 249-288)
조미옥, 최선화 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 감사인의 피감기업에 대한 경제적 의존도가 감사시장의 경쟁과 감사보수 및 감사시간 사이의 관계에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Auditor’s Economic Dependence on a Client on the Association between Audit Market Competition and Audit Fees and Hours
(회계ㆍ세무와 감사 연구 63(2), 193-234)
조미옥, 최종학 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 게임산업의 규제위험과 자기자본비용: 게임셧다운제도의 사례 = Regulation Risk and Implied Costs of Equity Capital in Game Industry: A Case of Game Shutdown
(회계저널 30(1), 169-196)
이창섭, 전홍민, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 최혁 공매상환거래 주변의 주가움직임에 관한 연구 = Price Movements around Short Covering Trades
(한국증권학회지 50(1), 1-31)
최혁, 이효정 2021
Journal Articles 배종훈 기업가의 위험, 기업가의 이중지위 그리고 기업가의 윤리성 = Entrepreneurial Risk, Entrepreneurial Dual-Status, and Entrepreneurial Morality
(인사조직연구 29(3), 63-90)
배종훈 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 다국적기업 해외자회사 현지인 CEO가 재무성과에 미치는 영향: 국가·산업·기업 수준 상황요인의 조절효과 = CEO Localization and Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries: The Moderating Roles of Country, Industry, Firm-Level Contingencies
(국제경영리뷰 25(1), 15-27)
고제경, 박철형, 박선현 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 다양성의 전략적 가치: 사회정체성 다양성과 인지 다양성의 통합적 모색 = Diversity as a Source of Competitive Advantage: Synthesizing Social Categorial and Cognitive Diversity Dimensions
(인사조직연구 29(1), 143-174)
박선현 2021
Journal Articles 유병준 데이터 3법 개정안의 내용과 전망: 국내 금융 및 데이터 산업계의 변화를 중심으로 = The Details and Outlook of Three Data Acts Amendment in South Korea: With a Focus on the Changes of Domestic Financial and Data Industry
(정보화정책 28(3), 49-72)
김은찬, 김은영, 이효찬, 유병준 2021
Journal Articles 박선현 소규모 기업은 왜 쉽게 성장하지 못하는가? 기업규모별 연구개발 활동의 비교분석
(중소기업연구 43(1), 1-33)
박선현, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 소규모 기업은 왜 쉽게 성장하지 못하는가? 기업규모별 연구개발 활동의 비교분석
(중소기업연구 43(1), 1-33)
박선현, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 실질지배력에 따른 SK기업집단의 연결범위 결정사례 = Determination of Consolidation Scope of SK Group According to De Facto Control
(회계저널 30(2), 277-313)
최종학, 안혜진, 조미옥 2021
Journal Articles 최종학 쌍용자동차의 손상차손 회계처리가 불러온 여파 = The Case of Impairment Loss of SsangYong Motor Company
(회계저널 30(4), 223-248)
최종학, 안혜진 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 연구개발 지출의 수익성, 지속성, 자본화, 가치관련성의 추세 = Changing Landscapes of R&D Profitability, Persistence, Capitalization, and Value Relevance
(회계저널 30(3), 43-80)
김세희, 조미옥, 선우희연, 이우종 2021
Journal Articles 박철순 외부 최고경영자 영입을 통한 기업의 변화와 성장: LG생활건강 = The Case of Successful Change and Growth by Outside CEO: LG Household & Health Care
(전략경영연구 24(1), 1-34)
이경환, 박철순, 서정일 2021
Journal Articles 이용규 이익분산과 회계투명성 정보를 활용한 거시경제지표 예측
(회계저널 30(4), 1-33)
김예원, 이용규, 김휘동, 김혜린 2021
Books 박철순 전략과 경영자 : 서울대학교 경영대학 박철순교수 강의록 1 박철순 2021
Books 윤석화 조직행동론(제18판)(역저) Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge 2021
Journal Articles 고봉찬 주가 추세요인의 추출방법과 수익성 분석 = Profitability of Trend Factors in Korean Stock Markets
(재무관리연구 38(2), 251-288)
고봉찬, 김진우, 정우성 2021
Journal Articles 채준 최대주주지분율과 주가동조성 = The Ownership of the Largest Shareholder and Stock Price Synchronicity
(금융연구 35(2), 35-74)
이유경, 이은정, 채준, 최문박 2021
Journal Articles 이동기 해외자회사 현지 자선활동이 성과에 미치는 영향: 자회사의 부가가치활동 현지화의 조절효과를 중심으로 = Local Philanthropy and Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries: Focusing on the Localization of Value-Added Activity
(경영컨설팅연구 21(1), 121-134)
고제경, 이동기, 조영곤 2021
Journal Articles 이우종 회계법인의 감사실패와 공인회계사의 이탈 = Audit Failure and Labor Supply in Audit Market
(회계ㆍ세무와 감사 연구 63(3), 273-312)
김예원, 박소희, 이우종, 조미옥 2021
Books 최종학 (사례와 함께하는) 회계원리(3판) 최종학, 송혁준 2020
Journal Articles 박진수 A Lifestyle-Routine Activity Theory (LRAT) Approach to Cybercrime Victimization: An Empirical Assessment of SNS Lifestyle Exposure Activities
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 30(1), 53-71)
Jiseon Choe, Jinsoo Park, Jihae Suh 2020
Journal Articles 강성춘 A Review of Literature on Group Incentive Plans = 집단 인센티브제도에 대한 문헌 고찰
(경영논집 54, 59-77)
Sung-Choon Kang 2020
Journal Articles 이제호 A contingency perspective on imitation strategies : When is “benchmarking” ineffective?
(Strategic Management Journal 41(2), 198-221)
Hart E. Posen, Sangyoon Yi, Jeho Lee 2020
Journal Articles 김상훈 A quantile regression approach to gaining insights for reacquition of defected customers
(Journal of Business Research 120, 443-452)
Changsok Yoo, Kyoung Cheon Cha, Sang-Hoon Kim 2020
Journal Articles 김송희 Admission Control Biases in Hospital Unit Capacity Management: How Occupancy Information Hurdles and Decision Noise Impact Utilization
(Management Science 66(11), 5151-5170)
Song-Hee Kim, Jordan Tong, Carol Peden 2020
Journal Articles 유병준 An Empirical Analysis of In-app Purchase Behavior in Mobile Games = 모바일 게임 인앱구매에 영향을 주는 요인에 관한 연구
(Information Systems Review 22(2), 43-52)
장문경, 김창근, 유병준 2020
Journal Articles 노상규 An Exploratory Study on Measuring Brand Image from a Network Perspective = 네트워크 관점에서 바라본 브랜드 이미지 측정에 대한 탐색적 연구
(한국전자거래학회지 25(4), 33-60)
Sangyoon Jung, Jung Ah Chang, Sangkyu Rho 2020
Journal Articles 김우진 Are disposition effect and skew preference correlated? Evidence from account‐level ELW transactions
(Journal of Futures Markets 40(2), 228-246)
Youngsoo Choi, Woojin Kim, Eunji Kwon 2020
Journal Articles 최선화 Audit committee members with CEO experience and the value of cash holdings
(Managerial Auditing Journal 35(7), 897-926)
Sunhwa Choi, Jinwoong Han, Taejin Jung 2020
Journal Articles 최동범 Bank Leverage Limits and Regulatory Arbitrage: Old Question‐New Evidence
(Journal of Money Credit and Banking 52(S1), 241-266)
Journal Articles 송재용 Blending talents for innovation: Team composition for cross-border R&D collaboration within multinational corporations
(Journal of International Business Studies 51(5), 851-885)
Eunkwang Seo, Hyo Kang, Jaeyong Song 2020
Journal Articles 남익현 Brownian Motion 수요에 대한 (r, q) 재고정책 = (r, q) Inventory Model with Brownian Motion Demand
(경영논집 54, 19-29)
남익현 2020
Journal Articles 이관휘 Can Liquidity be a Risk Factor that Predicts Economic Growth?: The U.S. and International Evidence
(금융연구 34(1), 1-20)
Yunsung Eom, Kuan-Hui Lee, Shu-Feng Wang 2020
Journal Articles 박상욱 Closed-Loop Supply Chain Coordination under a Reward–Penalty and a Manufacturer’s Subsidy Policy
(Sustainability 12(22), 9329(1-28))
Sungki Kim, Nina Shin, Sangwook Park 2020
Journal Articles 황인이 Compensation Consultant Fees and CEO Pay
(Journal of Management Accounting Research 32(1), 51-78)
Jeh-Hyun Cho, Iny Hwang, Jeong-Hoon Hyun, Jae Yong Shin 2020
Journal Articles 신재용 Compensation Consultant Fees and CEO Pay
(Journal of Management Accounting Research 32(1), 51-78)
Jeh-Hyun Cho, Iny Hwang, Jeong-Hoon Hyun, Jae Yong Shin 2020
Journal Articles 채준 Contrarian profits of the firm-specific component on stock returns
(Pacific Basin Finance Journal 61, 101176(1-23))
Joon Chae, Ryumi Kim 2020
Journal Articles 채준 Controlling Families’ Risk Allocation in a Business Group
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 49(1), 67-98)
Joon Chae, Hyung Cheol Kang, Eun Jung Lee, Yu Kyung Lee 2020
Journal Articles 박선현 Cultural Entrepreneurship in Corporate Governance Practice Diffusion: Framing of "Independent Directors" by U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies
(Organization Science 31(6), 1359-1384)
Sun Hyun Park, Yanlong Zhang 2020
Journal Articles 최진남 Different Moods Lead to Different Creativity: Mediating Roles of Ambiguity Tolerance and Team Identification
(Creativity Research Journal 32(2), 161-173)
Tae Jin Hwang, Jin Nam Choi 2020
Journal Articles 오정석 Digital transformation of business ecosystems: Evidence from the Korean pop industry
(Information Systems Journal 30(5), 866-898)
Felix T. C. Tan, Jan Ondrus, Barney Tan, Jungsuk Oh 2020
Journal Articles 황인이 Distorted Cost Allocation: An Encouragement or Discouragement?
(Seoul Journal of Business 26(2), 89-120)