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No. Faculty Title Author Book Page Publisher Year
13 석승훈 우리나라 산재보험 선보장에 관한 고찰 정호열, 석승훈 외국의 산재보험제도 연구 : 선보장·후정산제도를 중심으로 251-306 한국노동연구원 2004
12 윤석화 Team leadership and coordination in trauma resuscitation Seokhwa Yun, Samer Faraj, Yan Xiao, Henry P. Sims Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Work Teams 9 189-214 JAI Press 2003
11 이경묵 기업지배구조의 형성배경과 개선방안 이경묵 한국경영의 새로운 도전 37-72 다산출판사 2002
10 박원우 The corporate culture change campaigns in Korea : lessons from their failures WON-WOO PARK Managing korean business : organization, culture, human resources and change 89-110 Frank Cass 2002
9 박원우 Human resource management in South Korea WON-WOO PARK Human resource management in developing countries 34-55 Routledge 2001
8 고봉찬 한국 기업의 재무구조와 배당정책 최도성, 박영석, 고봉찬 경영학 뉴패러다임 총서시리즈 1 51-105 博英社 2001
7 고봉찬 1990년대 주주가치창조 기준 우량기업의 재무적 특성 최도성, 박영석, 고봉찬 경영학 뉴패러다임 총서시리즈 1 1-49 博英社 2001
6 이경묵 Social Structure and Alliance Formation Jonghoon Bae, Kyungmook Lee Asian management matters : regional relevance and global impact 223-234 Imperial College Press 2000
5 이경묵 Social capital of organization : Conceptualization, level of analysis, and performance implications Johannes M. Pennings, Kyungmook Lee Corporate social capital and liability 43-67 Kluwer Academic 1999
4 이동기 COMPARING THE STRATEGY PERFORMANCE INTERFACE IN THE U.S. AND EUROPEAN MARKETS Susan P. Douglas, Dong-Kee Rhee Research in Marketing. 14, Designing Competitive Strategies for Global Marketing 13-43 Emerald 1998