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2295 이우종 게임산업의 규제위험과 자기자본비용: 게임셧다운제도의 사례 = Regulation Risk and Implied Costs of Equity Capital in Game Industry: A Case of Game Shutdown 이창섭, 전홍민, 이우종 회계저널 30(1) 169-196 2021 KCI
2294 백복현 Do Analysts Account for Accruals ? Evidence from the Insurance Industry Bok Baik, Young Jun Kim, Yongoh Roh Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 50(1) 79-109 2021 SCOPUS
2293 최혁 공매상환거래 주변의 주가움직임에 관한 연구 = Price Movements around Short Covering Trades 최혁, 이효정 한국증권학회지 50(1) 1-31 2021 KCI
2292 이동기 해외자회사 현지 자선활동이 성과에 미치는 영향: 자회사의 부가가치활동 현지화의 조절효과를 중심으로 = Local Philanthropy and Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries: Focusing on the Localization of Value-Added Activity 고제경, 이동기, 조영곤 경영컨설팅연구 21(1) 121-134 2021 KCI
2291 조승아 Interfirm Rivalry in Action: An Exploratory Study of Multiplex Theaters in Korea = 한국의 멀티플렉스 산업 내 경쟁역학에 관한 사례연구 Shinhye Ahn, Wonseok Choi, Theresa S. Cho Korea Business Review 25(1) 27-55 2021 KCI
2290 박성호 Shopping Activity at Warehouse Club Stores and Its Competitive and Network Density Implications Stanley Frederick W. T. Lim, Elliot Rabinovich, Sungho Park, Minha Hwang Production and Operations Management 30(1) 28-46 2021 SCIE
2289 박선현 다양성의 전략적 가치: 사회정체성 다양성과 인지 다양성의 통합적 모색 = Diversity as a Source of Competitive Advantage: Synthesizing Social Categorial and Cognitive Diversity Dimensions 박선현 인사조직연구 29(1) 143-174 2021 KCI
2288 최동범 The Effect of Monetary Policy on Bank Wholesale Funding Dong Beom Choi, Hyun-Soo Choi Management Science 67(1) 388-416 2021 SCIE
2287 윤석화 Knowledge Sharing and Creative Behavior: The Interaction Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Regulatory Focus on Creative Behavior Seckyoung Loretta Kim, Minyoung Cheong, Abhishek Srivastava, Yongsu Yoo, Seokhwa Yun Human Performance 34(1) 49-66 2021 SCOPUS
2286 박상욱 Supply chain leadership driven strategic resilience capabilities management: A leader-member exchange perspective Nina Shin, Sangwook Park Journal of Business Research 122 1-13 2021 SCOPUS