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Guidelines on Guest Faculty Openings (2021 ISP)

Name Academic Affairs Date March 9, 2021 09:34:39 Hit 1941

College of Business Administration, Seoul National University

Guidelines on Guest Faculty Openings:
2021 SNU Online International Summer Program

Seoul National University (SNU)



On behalf of Seoul National University we are pleased to invite you as a professor at an overseas university to teach at the 2021 Online SNU International Summer Program (ISP). In accordance with the Higher Education Act and relevant laws of SNU, all ISP faculty must be appointed as Guest Faculty at College of Business Administration of SNU.


  Fields of Recruitment and Quota


Field of Recruitment


Business Administration

Business Administration



Required Documents

① Application Form(Attached #1) - 1 copy

② Certificates of graduation and a diploma (Educational Background) - 1 copy each

Certificates of work experience - 1 copy each

  • Each work experience certificate should specify the position (professor, part-time instructor) and work periods (from the beginning date to the end date)

④ Personal Statement and Course Syllabus Proposal (Attached #2) - 1 copy each


Submission deadline:    March 16, 2021.

Attn. Ms. S.H. Bahn, SNU College of Business Administration,

Please see the attached file for the details.

March 9, 2021


Dean of College of Business Administration

Seoul National University