Course Info

Course Info
Subject No. Class No Name of Class Grade No. of Students Instructor
Official title Name
251.434 001 Special Session for Industry Management
"Exploring Korea,"
3 60 Professor Sunny Kim
Professor : Sunny Kim (Kwak, Sung-Hyun) / e-mail :
TA : Haeyoon Kim / email : 010-8553-4870
Class hour : Fri, 10:00-13:00 Classroom : SK Bldg #58, Room #231
Course Briefs This program is designed to encourage and enable (both undergraduate and graduate) foreign students or students who want to attend a course taught in English in SNU to become interested in creative managerial and intellectual exploration in the new environment, Korea, and to realize their potential and objectives in intensive learning settings.
The course will help build the foundation for a strong cross-cultural relationship that will form between the program participants. Participants will have a chance to undertake significant initiative and responsibility in planning events and discussions. The innovative program structure fosters personal growth in teamwork, leadership and communication. The course will provide a forum for foreign students to challenge assumptions in an intimate, supportive and collaborative environment. The program will cultivate a strong sense of accountability and responsibility of global societies with a series of lectures from influential leaders of the related areas.
Along with classroom lectures, various field trips to organizations within Korea can be an equally important component. Students will meet weekly to explore Korea"s brief history, culture, politics, economy and current events. The class will offer feedback and support for individual and group projects and reflect on their evolving intellectual interests and personal goals through attendance and participation within the 15 Sessions.

* This course is specially designed for International Students.
Evaluation Project Presentation(20%), Participation(10%), Attendance(10%), Homework(10%)
Mid-term Exam(25%), Final Exam(25%)

* Final exam may be changed to final report.
Reference PPT used in class will be provided
Global Leadership Annual Review 2008-2009
SNU Business Administration, 2009, Various HBS Business Reviews
"The Korea Story" by O, Won Chol, ISBN : 978-89-960715-4-9 03320,
Published by Wisdom Tree 2009. "Korea Old and New": by Eckert, Carter and others A History. Cambridge: Korea Institute, Harvard University, 1990. Goldman Sachs: Global Economics Paper The Korea Society Quarterly
2011 2nd semester "Special Session for Industry Management"
College of Business Administration
Class #, 251.434, Classroom : SK Bldg #58, Room #231, Every Fri 10:00-13:00 except 11/06/11
Prof: Sunny Kim, / email :
TA: Haeyoon Kim, email : Phone: 010-8553-4870
cl. # Date lass Topic Course Description
1 09/02 Orientation and ICE Breaker Class orientation & ice breaker time
2 09/09 LSI Test and Presentations LSI Test
Presentations of students" home country
3 09/16 Difference between East & West Prof. Sunny Kim
4 09/23 Korean Industry Culture for Foreigners CEO, Kwon Hyuk Joon, Otis Elevator Company
5 09/30 Negotiation skill International environment Prof. Chul Ho Kim of KAIST
Negotiation Skill International environment
6 10/07 Mid-term Mid-term will cover the Korean industry culture,
market research, and International Negotiation
7 10/14 Team project preparation Field Trip Preparation week for presentation (each team will make field trip research with their group members)
8 10/21 Market presentation #1 #1 Wholesale mart team project presentation
9 10/28 Market presentation #2 #2 Wholesale mart team project presentation
10 11/06 (Sun) Global Networking Evening Hour: 18:00-21:30 Global Networking Evening
11 11/11 Monetary Policy Dr. Choi, Do Sung, Member of
Bank of Korea, Monetary Policy Committee,
12 11/18 History of Korea"s economic development
from 1961-79
#1 Student will make group presentation
13 11/25 History of Korea"s economic development from 1979-present #2 Student will make group presentation
14 12/02 International Environment Jim Heller, US Embassy Attaché
15 12/09 Final exam Replaced by final report (guideline will be announced)
Above programs are subject to change.
Students will have to pay expenses for class activities. including Hotel dinner and LSI test