Institute of Management Research

History and Mission

The Institute of Management Research at Seoul National University College of Business Administration (SNU CBA) was established on April 22, 1963 as the Korean Institute of Management Research, an ancillary institution to SNU College of Commerce. It was first renamed as the SNU CBA Institute of Management Research in 1975, and then in 2001 as the SNU Institute of Management Research, its current name. Its aim is to contribute to the development of business management in accordance with the changing corporate landscape in Korea by creating effective business solutions for management problems that businesses face on a daily basis.

In general, the problems in management that businesses actually face are of a practical nature. Therefore, evaluating such problems and creating solutions for them prove to be extremely difficult without proper practical guidance and the support of an empirical base.
Since this is the particular nature of management, the Institute of Management Research acts as a locus for mediation between business and academic sectors and serves as a common ground for in-depth research of management in and outside of academics. Thus, it aims to raise the level of Korea's management practices and enhance relevant education to contribute to the growth of businesses and the national economy as a whole.

Research Activities

Research Survey Projects

  • - Collect, analyze, and publish fundamental data concerning management and business in general
  • - Cooperate through the information exchange with domestic and international research institutions and engage in collaborative research on special problems
  • - Carry out projects commissioned by government institutions, government enterprises, private corporations, and other organizations
  • - Hold international conferences concerning internationally common interests
  • - Hold regular monthly research presentations to announce the results of research survey projects and academic activities

Management Consultation and Guidance Projects

  • - Diagnostic appraisals of businesses for the enhancement of work and management efficiency
  • - Management consultation for the resolution of management problems that businesses face in the real world
  • - Implement retraining and commissioned education of managers in the field
  • - Operate a council for the research of practical business matters to promote cooperation between the business and academic sectors

Management Information Projects

The Research Center publishes academic papers in its quarterly [Korean Business Journal] based on results of the multiple research projects it propagates. It also publishes examples of the latest applications of management and education in its biannual [Journal of Management Case Research]. The Research Center also publishes a yearly [Seoul Journal of Business] as well as a monthly publication called the Seoul Business Letter (SBL) that includes current issues in management.

  • - Address : LG Hall 501 (59-501), College of Business Administration Seoul National University,

    1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-916, Korea.

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