Institute of Finance and Banking

History and Mission

The Institute of Finance and Banking was established in January of 1992 with the purpose of contributing to the academic growth of Korea's financial management and the effective development of Korea's banking industry. In order to aptly respond to the competitive circumstances brought on by the merging of the international finance market and the opening of markets worldwide, academics specializing in financial management and the field of finance indicate the direction for sound financial market policies through research and the exchange of ideas. By providing the finance industry with the theoretical background and technique for effective management, they propose to heighten the capacity for competition while promoting the stable development of finance. The Institute aims to resolve general management problems the finance world currently faces and indicate the future path of development for the financial industry through the development of a theory and model applicable to Korea's fast changing landscape. In addition, the Institute contributes to the rational management of Korea's finance industry through the widespread distribution of domestic and international finance-related research findings, holding seminars and international academic conferences, education for those employed in the finance sector, and academic programs.

Research Activities

Research Surveys on the Direction of the Securities and Financial Market

Research on Establishing Management Strategy for Various Financial Institutions

Strategy Implementation at Financial Institutions

International Exchange

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