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  • · Office:  Bldg 58, Room 408
  • · TEL:  02-880-6929
  • · E-mail:  joonchae@snu.ac.kr

General Info.

Joon Chae is Professor of Finance at Seoul National University. He has a BA Degree in economics from Seoul National University, MS Degree in statistics from Stanford University and received his PhD in finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management. Prior to joining Seoul National University, he was an assistant professor of School of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo.
His research focuses on empirical asset pricing, capital market, market microstructure, financial econometrics and corporate finance. His research has appeared in top-tier journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Futures Markets, and other journals. In 2008 he published a book, “The Easiest Story about Finance”.
He won the Best Paper Award from the Joint Conference of Finance in Korea. He also won the Best Teaching Award from GSB Alumni Association at Seoul National University.
He currently serves as the director of Investment Research and Education Center at Seoul National University. He served on the Hedge Fund Task Force Team of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Recommendation Committee, Korean Investment Corporation. He served as a director of the Global MBA Program, Samsung Securities Global RM Program and the Advanced Banking Program at Seoul National University. He served on a special committee for the new launch of the MS degree in finance and served on the recruiting committee and course waiver decision committee at University at Buffalo Р SUNY.



  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management
    Ph.D., Financial Economics, June 2003
    Thesis: Essays in Financial Economics
    Advisor: Professor Andrew W. Lo

  2. Stanford University, Department of Statistics
    M.S., Statistics, June 1997

  3. Seoul National University, Graduate School of Business
    MBA, February 1995
    Thesis: Credit Rationing in the Korean Financial Market

  4. Seoul National University, College of Social Science
    Bachelor in Economics, February 1993
    Thesis: Financial Deregulation Policy in Korea


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  2. FMA 2016, Las Vegas, USA, October 2016
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  39. Batterymarch Seminar, MIT, Cambridge, October, 2002


  1. Best Paper Award, Joint Conference of Finance in Korea, May 2011
  2. Best Teaching Award, GSB Alumni Association ? Seoul National University, 2008
  3. Small Amount Grant, University at Buffalo - SUNY, 2003
  4. Derbes Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998-2003
  5. Honor Student Scholarship, Seoul National University, 1992-1994


  1. Director, Executive MBA Program, SNU 2015 - Present
  2. Director, CBA Library and Computer Cluster, 2013 - 2015
  3. Director, Investment Research and Education Center, SNU, 2009 - Present
  4. Director, Global MBA Program, SNU, 2010 - 2011
  5. Director, Samsung Securities Global RM Program, SNU, 2009 - 2010
  6. Co-director, Advanced Banking Program, SNU, 2009 - 2010
  7. Deputy Director, Global Investment Banking Academy, SNU, 2007 - Present
  8. GSB International Coordination Committee, SNU, 2006 - Present
  9. DIK-NYU Program Committee, SNU, 2006 - Present
  10. Ph.D. student 2nd year paper committee, University at Buffalo ? SUNY, 2004 - 2005
  11. Special committee for newly launching MS in finance, University at Buffalo ? SUNY, 2004
  12. Recruiting committee, University at Buffalo ? SUNY, 2003 - 2004
  13. Course waiver decision committee, University at Buffalo ? SUNY, 2003 - 2005


  1. Vice President, Korean Derivative Association, 2016 – Present
  2. Board of Directors, Korean Securities Association, 2009 - Present
  3. Board of Directors, Korean Financial Management Association, 2010 - Present
  4. Board of Directors, Korean Association of Financial Engineering, 2011 - Present
  5. Board of Directors, Korean Finance Association, 2009-2010
  6. Board of Directors, Korea Derivatives Association, 2011 - Present
  7. Editorial Committee, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 2006 - Present
  8. Editorial Committee, Korean Financial Management Association, 2007 - Present
  9. Editorial Committee, Korea Derivatives Association, 2008-2011


  1. Director, Daelim Suam Scholarship Foundation, 2010 - Present
  2. Outside Director, Kiwoom Asset Management, 2014 – Present
  3. National Pension Services Asset Management Evaluation Committee, Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance, 2017 – Present
  4. Asset Management Committee, Korean Broadcasting & Communications Development Fund, 2011 - Present
  5. Asset Management Committee, Government Employee Pension Services, 2013 – Present
  6. Asset Management Committee, National Housing Fund, 2015 – Present
  7. Asset Management Committee, Employment Insurance Fund, 2015 – Present
  8. Asset Management Committee, Industrial Accident Insurance Fund, 2015 – Present
  9. Assent Management Committee, Government Asset Management Fund, 2014 – Present
  10. Asset Management Committee, Korea Student Aid Foundation, 2014 – Present
  11. Risk Management Committee, Korean Teachers’ Credit Union, 2008 - Present
  12. Operating Committee for Investment Pool, Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance, 2011 – 2014
  13. Investment Review Committee, Korea Construction Workers Mutual Aid Association Fund, 2012 - Present
  14. Investment Deliberative Committee, Korea Water Resources Corporation, 2010 – Present
  15. Outside Director, AVISTA INC., 2011 – 2016
  16. The Fund Management Committee, Korea Ministry of Strategy and Finance, 2010-2011
  17. Performance Evaluation Committee for National Pension Service, 2009
  18. Management Committee, Korea Gas Corporation, 2008
  19. Hedge Fund Task Force Team by Ministry of Finance and Economy, 2007
  20. Recommendation Committee, Korean Investment Corporation, 2007


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