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General Info.

Professor Sung Wook Joh of Seoul National University (SNU) Business School graduated from SNU (BA, Economics) and Harvard University (PhD, Economics). Dr. Joh advised and evaluated government policies on chaebols and competition policy while working for the Korea Development Institute (KDI) during 1997-2003. After joining SNU, she served as a commissioner for Korea’s Securities and Futures Commission (similar to SEC) and currently is a member of Korea’s Regulatory Reform Committee. She served as president of the Financial Information Society of Korea and vice president of the Korea Monetary and Finance Association (KMFA). She is currently an auditor for KMFA and director for Korea Academic Society of Industrial Organization.

Dr. Joh is an expert on competition policy, chaebol policy and corporate governance. She shows how firms and people behave in challenging environments with increased competition, financial distress and exit threats. For example, her study showed that as corporate managers’ compensation affects their efforts, firms can use manager incentives to encourage them to collude with rival firms to reduce product market competition (Review of Economics and Statistics). Dr. Joh also showed that people in organizations facing severe competition perform worse, suggesting that restructuring should be quick (BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy). Also, Dr. Joh analyzes micro-dynamics of SMEs, and their public offerings (IPOs).

In addition, she showed that poor corporate governance of debt ridden firms and chaebols reduced firm profits and caused cascading bankruptcies, which drove the 1997 economic crisis in Korea --this study is in the Hall of Fame at the Journal of Financial Economics. Dr. Joh has also analyzed corporate governance issues including business groups, management incentive system, board of directors, and political assets.



Seoul National University, BA in Economics
Seoul National University, MA. In Economics
Harvard University, Ph.D. in Economics


2005 - Seoul National University, Business School, Associate professor of finance
2003.3 - 2005.8 Korea University, Business School, Associate professor of finance
1997.9 - 2003.2 Korea Development Institute (KDI), Research Fellow
1994.9 - 1997.8 State University of New York - Albany, Assistant Professor of economics
2004,7 - 2004, 9 Development Bank of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Research Fellow
2003, 6 - 2003.9 Hitotsubashi University, Visiting Associate Professor


Shimomura fellowship, Development Bank of Japan, 2004
East Asian Development Network/World Bank, Individual Research Grant 1999 - 2000
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development 2000
State University of New York-Albany Faculty Research Grant 1995 - 1996
Young Chul Min Foundation Grant 1992 - 1993
Fulbright Fellowship 1988 - 1992
Harvard University Fellowship 1988 - 1992
Woo San Fellowship 1986 - 1988
Korea America Bank President Fellowship 1987
SNU Presidential Fellowship 1984 - 1986


Member, Ministry of Planning and Budget/ Public funds management and evaluation committee, 2003-present
Member, Financial Supervisory Commission/ Advisory Committee, 2003-present
Research Fellow, Corporate Governance Service, 2002-present
Member, Fair Trade Commission / Advisory Committee, 1999-present
Member, Ministry of Finance and Economy / Finance Development Committee,
1998 - 2002, 2004-present
Member, Prime Ministers Office/ Committee for Government Policy Evaluation,
2000 - 2002
Member, Ministry of Finance and Economy/ Special Task Force on Bank Laws, 1998
Member, Korean Government Delegation to OECD, 1998



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