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  • Kim, Jun Beom

  • Professor
  • · Office:  59-604
  • · TEL:  02-880-6937
  • · E-mail:  junbkim@snu.ac.kr

General Info.

Jun Beom Kim is Associate Professor Marketing at SNU Business School. Prior to joining SNU, he spent six years as the associate and assistant professors at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) and three years at Georgia Institute of Technology. Before coming back to academia, he worked as senior software engineer at a leading enterprise software company over 5 years in Silicon Valley.

His main research interests are analyzing consumer demand, understanding consumer preference and market structure mainly in the digital marketing domain. His research appeared in top marketing and business journals such as Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science and Journal of Marketing. He is the recipient of 2011 Frank Bass Award and 2016 John Little Award, both from INFORMS.

His has taught various courses such as Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Research at BBA and MBA programs,

He holds PhD in Management from UCLA and another engineering PhD from MIT. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Seoul National University.


PhD (Management), UCLA, 2009
PhD (Mechanical Engineering) MIT, 1999
MS ((Mechanical Engineering) MIT, 1995
BS (Aerospace Engineering), Seoul National University, 1992

[Academic Experience]
Associate Professor, Seoul National University, 2018-present
Associate and Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong (2012-2018)
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA (2009-2012)

[Industry Experience]
Senior Software Engineer, Siebel Systems Inc. (acquired by Oracle), San Mateo, CA, (1999-2004)

[Awards and Honors]
Winner, 2017 John Little Award (Awarded annually for the best marketing paper published in INFORMS Marketing Science/Management Science)
Winner, 2012 Frank M. Bass Award (Awarded annually for the best marketing paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis published in INFORMS Marketing Science/Management Science)

[Services to the Field]
Editorial Board, Journal of Marketing, 2018-present
Ad-hoc reviewer, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Industrial Economics, Empirical Economics, MSI


[Research Interests]
Demand Analysis, Consumer Information Search, Digital Marketing, Empirical Industrial Organization

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