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  • Lee, Jeho

  • Professor
  • · Office:  Bldg 59, Room 704
  • · TEL:  02-880-2650
  • · E-mail:  jeho0405@snu.ac.kr

General Info.

Jeho Lee is Professor of International Business at Seoul National University. Prior to joining Seoul National University, he was a faculty member at KAIST. He has a B.A. degree from St. Louis University and received his PhD in Management from The University of Pennsylvania.
His research focuses on exploration and exploitation, cost of strategic alliance, network effects, and winner-take-it-all hypothesis. His research has appeared in top-tier journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, Management Science, and Organization Science. He has taught International Business and Strategy.


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania (Management)
B.A., St. Louis University (Business)

1998.06.08-2010.01.30, KAIST Business School (Associate Professor)


[Journal Articles]
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