Exchange Student Program

With the purpose of cultivating global leaders, CBA manages its own exchange student program, which is separate from SNU¡¯s Office of International Relations. Students are sent to recognized universities abroad (26 countries and 55 universities as of July 2014) that have exchange agreements with CBA in order to earn credits over one semester. Meanwhile, they can also learn different cultures and languages. Students from overseas universities that have exchange agreements with SNU take courses here with the same rights as our enrolled students. Likewise, the students who are sent abroad from Korea take courses there as their students. During the exchange period, students pay tuition fees at SNU, but take courses and earn credits abroad, in addition to having all the rights that students have in universities abroad and vice versa. The CBA exchange program lasts only for one semester (one year extension is not allowed) and 40~50 students are sent abroad every semester.

Advantages of CBA Exchange Program:

Conditions for Exchange Student Program:

Eligibility for CBA Exchange Student(for all)

Eligibility for CBA Exchange Student
Required Semesters GPA Foreign Language Skills Earned Credits in CBA
Undergraduate or graduate student of SNU CBA (Student who has completed at least two semesters at SNU CBA) Undergraduate: 3.0 or above
Graduate: 3.3 or above

iBT 80 points or above

iBT 100 points or above
Must have taken at least 5 CBA classes
Exchange Student Program
Can Apply Cannot Apply
If you are double majoring in business, you can apply.
(But, you need to take at least 5 business classes before)
If you are minoring in business, you cannot apply.
You can apply for your last semester
(in which you have to be in the second semester of senior year).
However, this is possible in the condition that you will take an extra semester after you come back.
* When you are in 9th semester or above, you can only apply during ¡°Additional Recruitment¡± period.

Document Submission

The Process


Before students start their exchange student programs, they may be disqualified or punished in different degrees if any of the following lists is occurring.

Screening Procedure & Credit Approval