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  • Emeritus Professor
  • · Office:  Bldg 58, Room 503
  • · TEL:  02-880-6952
  • · E-mail:  shahn@snu.ac.kr

Sang-Hyung Ahn is Professor of Operations Management Research at Seoul National University. He did his undergraduate work in the College of Engineering at Seoul National University, received his MBA from the University of Washington and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.
He was Dean of the College of Business Administration and founding Dean of the Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University and Executive Director of the Institute of Management Research and the Institute of Information and Systems Research, SNU.
He is the president of the Korean Chapter of INFORMS and was a president of the Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Institute, the Korean Production and Operations Management Society. He also served as an Editor-in-Chief of the Korean Management Science Review and the Journal of the Korean Production and Operations Management Society.
He is a member of the Committee for Part Material Development of the Prime Minister’s Office, and was chairman of the Committee for Industrial Development of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
His research has focused on location theory, mathematical programming, quantitative business analysis, and operation management. He published four books.