Dean’s Message

Choelsoon Park, Dean

“If someone asks of the future of our country, let him raise his head and watch Gwanak Mountain.”

This sentence has been making my heart overflow since taking up my new post at Seoul National University (SNU). The future of our country is the raison d’etre of SNU and thus gives meaning and value to the life of SNU family, including the students, faculty, and staff members. We have to look at Gwanak Mountain to see Korea’s future. The College of Business Administration (CBA) and The Graduate School of Business (GSB) at SNU are at the center of Gwanak.
We should have a dream that our research capabilities and students are world-class for the future of our country. I would be honored to contribute to these goals of the CBA and GBS as Dean. We can realize the dream by achieving three objectives.
First, we will dramatically change our curriculum, operations, and infrastructure so that our students can be more considerate of the socially disadvantaged.
Second, we will encourage our professors to focus on long-term and fundamental research that Third, we will expand the role of a university. The typical role of a university is to recruit and train students so that they may advance in society. The most valuable assets of a university are not only current students, but also alumni. We thus expand our role to support our alumni as well as our students.
I believe that the sincere efforts of all family members at CBA and GBS, SNU are necessary to realize our dream. I ask all of you for your sincere collaboration and cooperation. Thank you.
Choelsoon Park
The College of Business Administration & the Graduate School of Business
Seoul National University