Name Service TEL E-Mail
YI, YOUJAE Dean 82-2-880-6900
KIM, SANGHOON Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 82-2-880-6901
LEE, KYOUNGMI Associate Dean of Student Affairs 82-2-880-6902
CHOI, JONGHAG Associate Dean of MBA Programs 82-2-880-6904

Dean’s Office

Dean’s Office
Name Service TEL E-Mail
LEE JIYOUNG Secretary to the Dean, General Affairs 02-880-6900
KIM HYOJUNG Secretary to the Associate Dean, General Affairs 02-880-6901
YOO HEERA News Letter, PR, Planning General affairs 02-880-6923
Kim Eunyoung 02-880-6923

General Affairs

General Affairs
Name Service TEL E-Mail
전수진 General affairs in chief 02-880-6903
NOH YOUNGHEE General affairs 02-880-6905
KIM MISUK General affairs 02-880-6905
PARK JUNWOO Equipment and Materials Management 02-880-6905

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs
Name Service TEL E-Mail
HAN HYUN JEONG Educational affairs in chief 02-880-6906
BAHN SEUNGHEE Faculty affairs 02-880-6907
KIM NAMHEE Admission&Academics for Graduate, Double Major/Minor, Domestic Exchange 02-880-6919
EOM KYUYEON Academics(Curriculum, Credit, records) Admission for International students, Exchange Program 02-880-6906
YOON YIRANG Admission for Undergraduate, Academics(Scholarship, Leave of absence, Registration) 02-880-6908
PARK JOO HYUN Academics for Undergraduate(Graduation, Credit Acquisition) 02-880-6908
경영대(교학) 채용공고, 학생 활동 및 홍보 관련

Office of Int'l Relations

Office of Int'l Relations
Name Service TEL E-Mail
Shin Hyungsun Global Community Service (GCS) 880-6914

IT Office

IT Department
Name Service TEL E-Mail
KIM SOOMAN Computer room / Computational laboratory, Multimedia Facilities Management 02-880-6958
YANG KYUHYUN CBA, GSB, MDC Homepage/System, SNU Biz Member App Management 02-880-8936


Name Service TEL E-Mail
Chang sinmoon Resource Development 02-880-6915
KIM YEON Ju Information Services 02-880-6959


Name Service TEL E-Mail
YOON MIAE MBA General affairs in chief 02-880-2551
KIM SUNG YUL G/SMBA Academic Affairs 02-880-2591
LEE AEKYUNG Strategy & Planning In General 02-880-2554
Lee Sang Hyang G/SMBA Admission and Registration, Accounting 02-880-2551
HER YEOJIN GMBA Academic Affairs 02-880-1334
KWON MINJUNG SMBA Class, Registrar, Student 02-880-2591
PARK SOYOUNG MBA PR&Marketing 02-880-2554
Hwang Sun Hee Career Counseling, Business Practicum, Career Service Programs 02-880-2554
LEE SOOHYE MBA Strategy & Planning 02-880-2554
Kim Jihye International Relations(Dual Degree, Student Exchange), GNAM 02-880-2554

EMBA Office

Name Service TEL E-Mail
LEE DANBI EMBA Admission, Budget 02-880-2521
CHAE NAYEON EMBA Academic Affairs & Registration 02-880-1332
YOON YOUNGSEO EMBA Student Affairs, International Relations 02-880-1332

Institute of Management Research

Executive Program
Name Service TEL E-Mail
KANG WONAE Associate Director 02-880-6909
KIM KYOUNGMI MDC Program Manager 02-880-8253
KIM YUNJEONG MDC Program Manager 02-880-6856
KIM JAEYUN MDC Program Manager 02-880-6850
PARK MIJIN MDC Program Manager 02-880-8932
SON GIJAE MDC Program Management 02-880-6911
UHM MIKYUNG MDC Program Manager 02-880-6912
YANG JIMIN MDC Program Manager 02-880-5834
YOON KYONGA MDC Program Manager 02-880-6854
LEE KYUNGOK MDC Program Manager 02-880-6851
LEE SUKYUNG MDC Program Manager 02-880-8595
HONG EUNHYE MDC Program Manager 02-880-6857
CHOUNG JONGIM MDC Program Manager 02-880-8939

Faculty Lounge

Faculty Lounge
Name Service TEL E-Mail
YI KYUNGSOOK Professor of Business Support 02-880-6956