CBA Student Ambassador

Welcome! ple, SNU business school student ambassadors. ple was founded in April of 2009 for the purpose of representing the SNU business school and its student body while providing current school information to people interested in the school's affairs. The main activities of BGINs student ambassadors include writing for the monthly Seoul Business Letter, participating in official business school events, and strategizing methods of promoting the school. Representing the active student body of the business school, notifying people of school activities, and informing people with questions regarding our school, the business school student ambassadors of BGINs play an important role in serving as an active link to the SNU business school. All about SNU Business School!! Join us as a student ambassador!!

BGINs Introduction

What exactly does a business school student ambassador do?
We are responsible for writing for the Seoul Business Letter and covering stories that are relevant to the business school and its students. Created through the collective efforts of the student ambassadors, the Seoul Business Letter includes articles covering school sponsored events, interviews with notable alumni and special topics that provide relevant school related information for its readers.
For those who want to read the Seoul Business Letter online, visit the Seoul Business Letter page at


In order to promote the SNU business school and fulfill their roles as student ambassadors, BGINs members hold biweekly meetings to discuss and plan business school events. Through these meetings and discussions, BGINs was able to successfully create a variety of school programs dedicated to promoting the business school.

To mention a few examples, BGINs student ambassadors participated in making the promotion videos for the business school in 2009.

University tour for Hanminjok School Refugee students.
2009 Night of Business People
S-Honors Club ceremony for Business School Donors
Shining Biz Campaign for making the business school a cleaner environment