World-class Faculty SNU's CBA faculty is comprised of faculty with degrees from renowned institutions, of which a majority have teaching experience at world-class academic institutions such as MIT, Columbia, Michigan, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and London Business School. In addition, our faculty and its research earn international recognition with publications in world renowned academic journals.

Learn from your peers the nation’s elite.

Each year the CBA's freshman class ranks within the top 0.5% of the national student body. Students at SNU's CBA share not only the classrooms with their peers, but also learn and share their passion for challenges. In addition, we attract and host quality students from foreign institutions who seek out semesters at SNU's CBA in order to experience and take part in Korean management.

SNU's Alumni Network as leaders of Korea’s business society

Since its founding in 1946, Seoul National University's alumni have been the leaders of the Korean society. According to a study conducted by a public media association, the CEO's of the nation's top 100 corporations are alumni of SNU's management program. Moreover, 23% of the faculty at Korea's top 30 business administration institutions and 17% of government officials are alumni of Seoul National University's College of Business Administration.