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Books 최종학 (사례와 함께하는) 회계원리(3판) 최종학, 송혁준 2020
Journal Articles 박진수 A Lifestyle-Routine Activity Theory (LRAT) Approach to Cybercrime Victimization: An Empirical Assessment of SNS Lifestyle Exposure Activities
(Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems 30(1), 53-71)
Jiseon Choe, Jinsoo Park, Jihae Suh 2020
Journal Articles 김우진 Are disposition effect and skew preference correlated? Evidence from account‐level ELW transactions
(Journal of Futures Markets 40(2), 228-246)
Youngsoo Choi, Woojin Kim, Eunji Kwon 2020
Journal Articles 채준 Controlling Families’ Risk Allocation in a Business Group
(Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 49(1), 67-98)
Joon Chae, Hyung Cheol Kang, Eun Jung Lee, Yu Kyung Lee 2020
Journal Articles 서경원 Fund Runs and Market Frictions
(재무연구 33(1), 1-14)
Kyoungwon Seo 2020
Journal Articles 조우제 ICT 발전과 소득불평등 간의 관계 분석 = Impacts of ICT Development on Income Inequality
(벤처창업연구 15(1), 237-245)
조우제, 정윤혁, 김상순 2020
Books 박선현 Symbolic management : governance, strategy, and institutions James Westphal, Sun Hyun Park 2020
Journal Articles 신재용 The Determinants of Pay-for-Performance Sensitivity and Convexity of CEO Bonus Contracts : Evidence from S&P 1500 Firms
(경영학연구 49(1), 183-214)
Sewon Kwon, Natalie Kyung Won Kim, Jae Yong Shin, Sun-Moon Jung 2020
Journal Articles 박성호 The effect of general health checks on healthcare utilization: accounting for self-selection bias
(Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A 183(1), 3-36)
Sungwook Yoon, Duk Bin Jun, Sungho Park 2020
Journal Articles 이유재 What Brings Customer Gapjil? The Intertwined Effects of Perceived Economic Mobility, Self-Other Referent Priming, and Temporal Focus
(Asia Marketing Journal 21(4), 1-24)
Yongju Kwon, Youjae Yi 2020