Spring Semester, 2012 Finance Workshop

재무 논문 세미나에서는 외부 및 서울대 교수님과 박사과정 학생들이 진행 중인 논문들을 발표하고 토론합니다.
세미나는 매주 월요일 오후 5시부터 6시까지 LG관 402호에서 진행됩니다.
연구 논문을 발표하고 싶으시거나 정기적으로 세미나에 참석하고 싶으신 분은 박소정 교수(sojungpark@snu.ac.kr)에게 연락해 주십시오.

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2012-03-12 Yong Ho Jun Seoul National Univ. The Impact of High Frequency Trading on the market quality: Evidence from the Koran Stock Marekt
2012-03-19 Dongweon Lee Seoul National Univ. Why is the momentum absent? Stock price, news and the Korean stock market
2012-03-26 Jungwon Suh Sungkyungkwan Univ. A J-Shaped Cross-Sectional Relation Between Dividends and Firm Valuec
2012-04-02 Inmoo Lee KAIST Corporate Governance and Insider Trading
2012-04-06 Kewei Hou Ohio State Univ. Have we solved the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle?
2012-04-09 HyoJeong Lee Seoul National Univ. The Relation between Individual Trading and Stock Returns
: Trading Patterns and Return Predictability
2012-04-16 Jung-Hwa Choi Seoul National Univ. On the Correlation between Equity and Currency Returns: Portfolio Rebalancing or Flight to Quality?
2012-04-20 Cheol S. Eun Georgia Tech Univ. Culture and R2 : International Evidence
2012-04-23 Dong Wook Lee Korea University. Discount-rate uncertainty, holding period, and the cross-section of stock returns
2012-04-30 Fernando Zapatero (USC Marshall) Labor Income, Relative Wealth Concerns, and the Cross-section of Stock Returns
2012-05-07 Min-Cheol Woo Korea Exchange Analysis of Day Trading Strategy
2012-05-14 Hae Jin Chung KAIST. Board Independence and CEO Incentives
2012-05-21 Jeongsim Kim Seoul National Univ. Bank Competition and Liquidity: Cross-Country Evidence
2012-05-25 Mandy Tham Tze-Minn Nan Yang Tech Univ. Spillover Effects of Earnings Restatements along the Supply Chain
2012-06-08 Harrison Hong Princeton Univ. Speculative Betas
2012-06-04 Betty Wu Yonsei University Is CEO Stock Option Backdating or Otherwise Manipulation Another Form of Option Repricing?
2012-06-11 Kee H. Chung State Univ. of New York Uncertainty, Fear, and Liquidity
2012-06-15 Bong Soo Lee Florida State University Information Asymmetry and the Timing of Capital Issuance: An International Examination
2012-06-22 Anil Makhjia Ohio State Univ. Career Concerns and the Busy Life of the Young CEO

Fall Semester, 2012 Finance Workshop

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2012-09-10 Kuan-hui Lee Seoul National Univ. Sovereign credit risk, banks' government support, and bank stock returns around the world
2012-09-17 Changki Kim Korea University Psychological barriers and option pricing
2012-09-24 Joon Ho Hwang Korea University The impact of Earnings Guidance Cessation on information Asymmetry : Evidence from Transaction Data
2012-10-08 Baeho Kim Korea University Default Probabilities and Interest Expenses of Privately Held Firms
2012-10-22 Juil Ban Seoul National Univ. Bad expense, Good expense in the mutual fund industry
2012-11-02 Yong Ho Jun Seoul National Univ. Strategic Run-type High Frequency Trading and its Market Impact on the Korean Stock Market
2012-11-05 James Park Korea University When Shareholder Approval Matters: 20 Percent Rule for Privately Issued Equity
2012-11-12 Shu-Feng Wang Seoul National Univ. Measuring Private benefits of control: Evidence from Korean holding companies
2012-11-19 Woochan Kim Korea University When Heirs Become Major Shareholders : Evidence on Tunneling and Control Enhancement through Related-Party Transactions
2012-12-07 Jaewon Choi UIUC On the Fundamental Relation Between Equity Returns and Interest Rates
2012-12-13 S. Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii

2012-12-13 S. Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii National Culture and Coproate Cash Holdings around the World

Spring Semester, 2013 Finance Workshop

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2013-03-08 Olfa Maalaoui Chun KAIST Risk Management and Corporate Governance:
The Importance of Independence and Financial Knowledge
2013-03-11 Choong-yuel Yoo KAIST Understanding Accounting Conservatism: Evidence for its Importance to Analyst Forecast Accuracy and Market Responses
2013-03-18 Hyung-Suk Choi Ewha Womans Univ. Overconfidence, Corporate Governance,and Global CEO Turnover
2013-03-22 Pungaliya Raunaq Sungkyunkwan Univ. Covenant-Lite Loans
2013-03-25 Ji-Woong Chung Korea University Prime Brokers and Hedge Funds Comovement
2013-04-01 Yun Woo Park Chung Ang Univ. Dynamics of Default, Cure, Foreclosure and Auction in the Residential Mortgage Loans Market: Implication for Banks’ Required Capital
2013-04-08 Karen Benson Queensland Univ. Corporate Social Responsibility and CEO Compensation Revisited: Disaggregation, Market Stress and Gender Do Matter
2013-04-22 Hyo Jeong Lee Kwang Woon Univ. Do Taxes Affect External or Internal Debt?
2013-04-29 HyunJoong Im Renmin Univ. of China Does Stock Market Liquidity Increase The Propensity To Raise Debt Finance?
2013-05-06 Dongchuhl Oh KAIST Unique Equilibrium in a Takeover Game with
Block Trades and Tender O¤ers
2013-05-20 Jaehoon Hahn Yonsei University Characterizing the Cross-section of Stock Returns in Korea: A Comprehensive Look at the Past Two Decades
2013-05-24 Kewei Hou Ohio State Univ. Is R² a Measure of Market Inefficiency?
2013-05-27 Simba Chang Nanyan Technology Univ. Non-executive Employee Stock Options and Corporate Innovation
2013-06-03 Harrison Hong Princeton Univ Regression Discontinuity and the Price Effects of Stock Market Indexing
2013-06-10 Bong Soo Lee Florida State Univ. An Analysis of Stock Returns and Aggregate Earnings