Student Association

CBA Student Association is to strive for autonomy. Student association is composed of the representative, vice-representative and the Executive Committee. Student representative has a one-year term, Whenever a new representative elected Student association is also a new configuration. CBA students will be given to anyone eligible to participate.

  • Currently, the 32nd Student Council is in office as of 2018.

    The 32nd Student Council is trying its best to reflect the voices of all those taking classes in the College of Business Administration regardless of age, grade, and the major of entrance, under the slogan, "consonanace."

    We are consistently communicating, thinking, and executing to deliver a more meaningful experience at our college to all, and to, ultimately better realize student autonomy.

  • 2018. Student association Officers

    - Student representative: Park Mincheol
    - Student vice-representative : Park Hyeongjin