Prestigious Universities inter-connecting Asia Collaboration Makes Excellence The SNU Business School has entered an agreement, the BEST Alliance agreement, for academics, research and collaboration with China’s Peking University and Japan’s Hitotsubashi University. This agreement is an acronym of Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo and embodies the will of the three universities who aspire to become the “Best” through combination of the competitiveness of the three universities. The Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy of Hitosubashi University and SNU Business School, Seoul National University represent China, Japan and Korea which are rising major economic players in Asia and around the world in the 21st Century. Through this BEST Alliance we aspire to develop a comprehensive collaboration relationship for the fields of research and education.

Field of Education

By operating the double degree program, students who wish will be given the opportunity to study for one year each at both SNU Business School and a partner university to receive two degrees within two years. In the long run, there are plans to open a joint English Executive MBA program as well.

In addition, professor-student exchange will take place in various forms.
A joint research center, tentatively named One Asia Research Center, will be established so that the three universities can come together and develop measures for Chinese-Korean-Japanese companies and economies to collaborate.

In 2012, the first joint academic symposium will be held by the three universities, for the first time. At this symposium, cases are to be jointly developed and distributed, academic information shared and diverse methods of research collaboration are to be carried out.

Executive education and Lifelong Education

The three business schools will also cooperate in the field of executive education, by establishing the One Asia Executive Program, in which the next generation of CEO candidates from representative companies from Korea, China and Japan, would participate in a preparation course for one year.

The three business schools are expecting to select fifteen representative companies from Korea, China, and Japan. The goal is to pave the way for the present and future CEO’s of these companies, so that they may better understand the economies of the three countries and ultimately set up a network system.

The BEST Alliance is an agreement made by the SNU Business School, by consulting with Beijing University and Hitotsubashi University in 2009. The agreement process involved a year long discussion and approval in response to the government policies made on January 2009, which encouraged fostering of new growth in global education services and the One Asia Initiative pursued by the government and led by President Lee Myung-bak.

In the current situation where the trade and investment relationship between Korea, China and Japan are being strengthened, the government had recently announced the Campus Asia plan for the core of the One Asia Initiative to be cooperative in the economic and educational fields.

Through the BEST Alliance the SNU Business School has provided the pioneering case of this Campus Asia plan, by both positioning itself as the East Asian business educational hub through the formation of the unidirectional alliance relationship in the business study, educational and academic fields between the three best universities in Korea, China and Japan, and also by laying on the bridgehead to pioneer the Chinese market, which is emerging as the biggest market in Asian business education. Furthermore the alliance expects strengthening the competition of the state and the companies by contributing to the vitalization of the economies and company exchanges of Korea, China and Japan.

By concentrating the reputation, experience and competence of the best business schools from Korea, China and Japan, the BEST Alliance will achieve: linking Korea, China and Japan which are emerging as the center of the world economy, providing the basis for the three schools to become the best in Eastern Asia, and preparing the leap for the SNU business school into the ranks of the top ten business schools in the world.