Spring Semester, 2012 Finance Workshop

The finance workshop invites both outside speakers and Seoul National University faculty and Ph.D. candidates to present working papers.
The finance workshop is held Mondays from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in LG-402 (unless otherwise noted).
If you are interested in presenting your research paper or attending in our finance workshop, please contact Sojung Park.(sojungpark@snu.ac.kr)

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2012-03-12 Yong Ho Jun Seoul National Univ. The Impact of High Frequency Trading on the market quality: Evidence from the Koran Stock Marekt
2012-03-19 Dongweon Lee Seoul National Univ. Why is the momentum absent? Stock price, news and the Korean stock market
2012-03-26 Jungwon Suh Sungkyungkwan Univ. A J-Shaped Cross-Sectional Relation Between Dividends and Firm Valuec
2012-04-02 Inmoo Lee KAIST Corporate Governance and Insider Trading
2012-04-06 Kewei Hou Ohio State Univ. Have we solved the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle?
2012-04-09 HyoJeong Lee Seoul National Univ. The Relation between Individual Trading and Stock Returns
: Trading Patterns and Return Predictability
2012-04-16 Jung-Hwa Choi Seoul National Univ. On the Correlation between Equity and Currency Returns: Portfolio Rebalancing or Flight to Quality?
2012-04-20 Cheol S. Eun Georgia Tech Univ. Culture and R2 : International Evidence
2012-04-23 Dong Wook Lee Korea University. Discount-rate uncertainty, holding period, and the cross-section of stock returns
2012-04-30 Fernando Zapatero (USC Marshall) Labor Income, Relative Wealth Concerns, and the Cross-section of Stock Returns
2012-05-07 Min-Cheol Woo Korea Exchange Analysis of Day Trading Strategy
2012-05-14 Hae Jin Chung KAIST. Board Independence and CEO Incentives
2012-05-21 Jeongsim Kim Seoul National Univ. Bank Competition and Liquidity: Cross-Country Evidence
2012-05-25 Mandy Tham Tze-Minn Nan Yang Tech Univ. Spillover Effects of Earnings Restatements along the Supply Chain
2012-06-08 Harrison Hong Princeton Univ. Speculative Betas
2012-06-04 Betty Wu Yonsei University Is CEO Stock Option Backdating or Otherwise Manipulation Another Form of Option Repricing?
2012-06-11 Kee H. Chung State Univ. of New York Uncertainty, Fear, and Liquidity
2012-06-15 Bong Soo Lee Florida State University Information Asymmetry and the Timing of Capital Issuance: An International Examination
2012-06-22 Anil Makhjia Ohio State Univ. Career Concerns and the Busy Life of the Young CEO

Fall Semester, 2012 Finance Workshop

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2012-09-10 Kuan-hui Lee Seoul National Univ. Sovereign credit risk, banks' government support, and bank stock returns around the world
2012-09-17 Changki Kim Korea University Psychological barriers and option pricing
2012-09-24 Joon Ho Hwang Korea University The impact of Earnings Guidance Cessation on information Asymmetry : Evidence from Transaction Data
2012-10-08 Baeho Kim Korea University Default Probabilities and Interest Expenses of Privately Held Firms
2012-10-22 Juil Ban Seoul National Univ. Bad expense, Good expense in the mutual fund industry
2012-11-02 Yong Ho Jun Seoul National Univ. Strategic Run-type High Frequency Trading and its Market Impact on the Korean Stock Market
2012-11-05 James Park Korea University When Shareholder Approval Matters: 20 Percent Rule for Privately Issued Equity
2012-11-12 Shu-Feng Wang Seoul National Univ. Measuring Private benefits of control: Evidence from Korean holding companies
2012-11-19 Woochan Kim Korea University When Heirs Become Major Shareholders : Evidence on Tunneling and Control Enhancement through Related-Party Transactions
2012-12-07 Jaewon Choi UIUC On the Fundamental Relation Between Equity Returns and Interest Rates
2012-12-13 S. Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii

2012-12-13 S. Ghon Rhee University of Hawaii National Culture and Coproate Cash Holdings around the World

Spring Semester, 2013 Finance Workshop

Date Presenter Affiliate Title
2013-03-08 Olfa Maalaoui Chun KAIST Risk Management and Corporate Governance:
The Importance of Independence and Financial Knowledge
2013-03-11 Choong-yuel Yoo KAIST Understanding Accounting Conservatism: Evidence for its Importance to Analyst Forecast Accuracy and Market Responses
2013-03-18 Hyung-Suk Choi Ewha Womans Univ Overconfidence, Corporate Governance,
and Global CEO Turnover
2013-03-22 Pungaliya Raunaq Sungkyunkwan Univ. Covenant-Lite Loans
2013-03-25 Ji-Woong Chung Korea University
2013-04-01 Yun Woo Park Chung Ang Univ.
2013-04-08 Karen Benson Queensland Univ.
2013-04-22 Hyo Jeong Lee Kwang Woon Univ.
2013-04-29 Hyun Joong Lim Renmin Univ. of China
2013-05-06 Dongchuhl Oh KAIST
2013-05-13 Vidhan Goyal HKUST
2013-05-20 Jaehoon Hahn Yonsei University
2013-05-24 Kewei Hou Ohio State Univ.
2013-05-27 Simba Chang Nanyan Technology Univ
2013-06-03 Harrison Hong Princeton Univ
2013-06-10 Ji Min Hong Seoul National Univ The Economic of Life Insurance Settlement