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General Info.

Jaeyong Song is the AMOREPACIFIC Chaired Professor of Strategy and International Management at Seoul National University (SNU). He received his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining SNU, he was a Professor of Strategy at Columbia Business School and Yonsei University. He was elected as an AIB Fellow and served as an editor of the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS). He was also elected as an Executive Committee member of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management and will serve as a division chair in 2020-2021. He served as the President of the Korean Society of Strategic Management and the Korea Chapter Chair of the Academy of International Business.
He won the Richman Best Dissertation Award of the IM Division of the Academy of Management, the Hedlund Best Dissertation Award from the European International Business Association, the Chazen Teaching Innovation Award at Columbia Business School, the Korea Academy of Management Best Researcher Award, the SNU Teaching Award, and the best performing professor award from Yonsei University. He was also chosen as a thought leader of the IM Division in 2015. He was a keynote speaker for GE’s Global Leadership Meeting and SABIC’s Yearend meeting in 2014. His research has appeared in top-tier journals such as Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, JIBS, Harvard Business Review, Research Policy, Journal of Management, California Management Review, and the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. His book “The Samsung Way” has been published in multiple languages by McGraw Hill and other major publishers abroad. His other books “The Smart Management” and “The Perfect Change” became bestsellers in Korea.


[Education & Major Positions Held]
- MA & Ph.D., The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
- B.A. & MBA, Seoul National University
- Professor, Columbia Business School (1997-2001); Yonsei University (2001- 2004)
- Adjunct Professor, Australian National Univ.; State Univ. of New York at Stony Brook
- Division Chair-Elect, International Management Division, Academy of Management
- Fellow, Academy of International Business,
- Editor, Journal of International Business Studies
- President, Korean Society of Strategic Management
- Vice President, Korean Association of Scholars in Business Administration
- Vice President, Korean Association of International Business,
- Chairperson, Korea Chapter, Academy of International Business
- Co-President, Association of Korean Management Scholars
- Adjunct Consultant, The World Bank; Medley Global Advisors, Inc. (New York)
- Visiting Researcher, Asia Development Bank Institute (ADBI); Long-term Credit Bank (LTCB) Research Institute
- Outside Director, European Case Clearing House; Academic Advisor, The Rising Tiger Fund (Silicon Valley)

[Academic Honors, Grants, and Awards]
- Recipient, 2018, Best Paper Award, Korean Association of Scholars in Business Administration
- Thought Leader, International Management Division, Academy of Management, 2014.
- Appointment, Amorepacific Chaired Professor, Seoul National University Business School, 2014.
- Recipient, Maeil Economic Daily Book of the Year Award (The Samsung Way), 2014.
- Recipient, Best Mid-Career Researcher Award, Korean Association of Scholars in Business Administration, 2014.
- Recipient, 1999 Barry M. Richman Best Dissertation Award, Academy of Management
- Recipient, 1999 Hedlund Best Dissertation Award, European International Business Association
- Recipient, 1999 Chazen International Teaching Innovation Award, Columbia Business School
- Recipient, 2003, Best Performing Professor Award, Yonsei University
- Listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World 2004 edition
- Research Grants: The World Bank; ADBI; U.S. Ministry of Education; US Patent & Trademark Office; International Institute of Intellectual Property Rights; Lucent Technologies; ARCO Chemical; LTCB Japan; Columbia U and others

[Major Areas of Research]
competitive strategy in the knowledge-based and networked economy; global strategy; innovation strategy; knowledge management; corporate strategy & governance of Korean business groups


[Major Publications]
Kazuhiro Asakawa, Yeonjin Park, Jaeyong Song and Sang-Ji Kim. 2018. Internal em_x_beddedness, Geographic Distance, and Global Knowledge Sourcing by Overseas Subsidiaries. Journal of International Business Studies (UTD top 24 & FT top Journal), 49 (6): 743 - 752.
- Hyejun Kim and Jaeyong Song. 2017. Overcoming Institutional Deficiency in Emerging Economies: Impact of stock market development and business groups on deal abandonment. Journal of International Business Studies (UTD top 24 & FT top Journal), 48 (3): 308 R11; 323.
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- Kwangjun Ahn, Heewon Chae, Theresa Seunga Cho, and Jaeyong Song. 2009. The Effects of Founder CEO Attributes on Alliance Formation of Venture Start-ups: A Social Network Perspective. Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings.
- Jaeyong Song and Jongtae Shin. 2008. Paradox of Technological Capabilities: A Study of Knowledge Sourcing From Host Countries of Overseas R&D Operations. Journal of International Business Studies
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Published Books
- Jaeyong Song (editor and the lead author). 2017. Perfect Change (in Korean). Jaeunuri.
- Jaeyong Song and Kyungmook Lee. 2014. The Samsung Way (in English). McGraw Hill. (Endorsed by Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, O.H. Kwon, CEO of Samsung Electronics, Pankaj Ghemawat, Yves Doz, Tarun Khanna and Rita McGrath). =672; The Samsung Way was also published in Chinese by the CITIC Press in China as well as in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
- Jaeyong Song and Kyungmook Lee. 2013. The Samsung Way (in Korean). 21 Century Books. Recipient of the Book of the Year Award by the Maeil Economic Daily.
- Jaeyong Song. 2011. Smart Management (in Korean). 21 Century Books. Chosen as the “must-read book for Korean CEOs” by Samsung Economic Research Institute.
- Donghyung Shin and Jaeyong Song. 2011. Innovation 3.0 (in Korean). Alki.
- Jaeyong Song.2006. A Study on the Evolution of Korean Firms’ Patenting Strategy. Seoul National University Press.
- Jaeyong Song. 2004. Network-based Competitive Strategy of e-Business Firms. E-Commerce Research Center (ECRC), Seoul National University.