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  • Professor
  • · Office:  Bldg 59, Room 606
  • · TEL:  02-880-9384
  • · E-mail:  swjoh@snu.ac.kr

Professor Sung Wook Joh currently teaches at Seoul National University Business School and has worked for the many government offices: Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Planning and Budget, and the Fair Trade Commission. She graduated from SNU and received her Ph. D. in economics from Harvard University. Dr. Joh had informed and evaluated government policies on chaebols and competition policy while working for KDI, a government think tank. She has been a visiting professor to MIT, the IMF and Development Bank of Japan.
One of her areas of research is small and medium sized enterprises. Professor Joh analyzed micro-dynamics of industries, empirically showing the determinants of business turnovers. She also studies SME’s financing issues including their capital structure, and initial public offerings (IPOs). Two, she examines financial distress and exit issues. She empirically studies how severe competition and exit threats affect agent choice of effort problems and organizational performance. In addition, Professor Joh examines incentive distortion issues when exit threats are practically non-existent. She showed that such as too-big-to-fail banks can take excessive risk and lend too much. Three, Dr. Joh has been analyzing corporate governance issues. Her article on the Korean economic crisis and corporate governance appeared in Journal of Financial Economics. She showed how the management incentive system can serve as a commitment device in product market collusion and shareholder-manager collusion. She has been working on issues on internal capital market transactions, and board of directors. Dr. Joh is currently examining how political connections affect firms’ borrowing and firms’ subsequent investment in political assets.