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  • Professor
  • · Office:  58-405
  • · TEL:  880-6921
  • · E-mail:  woojong@snu.ac.kr

General Info.

Woo-Jong Lee is Professor of Accounting at SNU Business School. Lee received his BBA and PhD degrees from Seoul National University, and taught at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University before returning to his alma mater. He teaches financial and managerial accounting courses at all levels. Lee's research investigates how financial reporting mitigates information issues and therefore improves resource allocation of both managers and external capital providers, particularly in the setting of Korean firms. He has published in elite accounting and management journals including the Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Economics, and Management Science. He is currently an associate editor of Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (SSCI).


Academic career
Seoul National University, Professor (2020-present), Associate Professor (2016-2020), Assistant Professor (2015)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Associate Professor (2014-2015), Assistant Professor (2008-2014)
Seoul National University, PhD (Major: Accounting), August 2008
Seoul National University, Bachelor of Business Administration, February 2000

Professional recognition and honors
  • Best Paper Award, Korean Accounting Review, 2021
  • Best Paper Award, Korea Game Society, 2020
  • Best Paper Award, Joint Conference of 8 Accounting Associations, 2020
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, SNU Business School, 2018
  • Distinguished Referee Award, Korean Academic Society of Taxation, 2018
  • Best Paper Award, The Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA), 2016
  • SNU invitation program for distinguished scholars, 2016
  • Best Paper Award, The 5th Biennial Conference of the World Accounting Frontier Series, 2015
  • Faculty Award for Outstanding Performance, HKPolyU, 2013
  • Best Paper Award, The 3rd Annual Conference of the World Accounting Frontier Series, 2011
  • Best Paper Award, AAA Western Region Conference, 2011
  • Best Paper Award, Korean Accounting Review, 2008
  • Publications

    Selected publications
    1. “Organized Labor and Inventory Stockpiling”, with Sophia Hamm, Boochun Jung, and Daniel Gunhee Yang. The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
    2. “The Effect of External Audits: Evidence from Voluntary Audits of Hedge Funds”, with Dichu Bao, Jong-Hag Choi, and Byoung Uk Kang. Accounting Horizons, forthcoming.
    3. "Pro-Labor Institutions and Corporate Employment Efficiency”, with Boochun Jung, Tony Kang, and Gaoguang Zhou. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, forthcoming.
    4. "The Importance of Organizational Context for the Relation between Human Capital Investment and Firm Performance: Evidence from Labor Unions”, with Hee-Yeon Sunwoo, Justin Law, and Seungbin Oh. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2021, 33 (1): 197-217.
    5. "Asymmetric Inventory Management and the Direction of Sales Changes”, with Iny Hwang, Taejin Jung and Daniel Gunhee Yang. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2021, 38 (1): 676-706.
    6. “Political Uncertainty and Cost Stickiness: Evidence from National Elections around the World”, with Walid Saffar and Jeffrey Pittman. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020, 37 (2): 1107-1139
    7. “Labor Unions and Income Smoothing”, with Sophia Hamm and Boochun Jung. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2018, 35 (3): 1201-1228
    8. “Do Labor Unions Always Lead to Underinvestment?”, with Hyungjin Cho, Bryan Byung-Hee Lee, and Byungcherl Charlie Sohn. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2017, 29 (1): 45-66
    9. “The Impact of Dividend Covenants on Investment and Operating Performance”, with Boochun Jung and Sunny Yang. Journal of Business, Finance, and Accounting, 2016, 43 (3)&(4): 414-447
    10. “Do Managers Withhold Good News from Labor Unions?”, with Richard Chung, Bryan Byung-Hee Lee, and Byungcherl Charlie Sohn. Management Science, 2016, 62 (1): 42-68
    11. “Debt Financing and Accounting Conservatism in Private Firms”, with In-Mu Haw and Jay Junghun Lee. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2014, 31 (4): 1220-1259
    12. “Financial Reporting Quality and Labor Investment Efficiency”, with Boochun Jung and David P. Weber. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2014, 31 (4): 1047-1076
    13. “Does Information Risk Affect the Implied Cost of Equity Capital? An Analysis of PIN and Adjusted PIN”, with Lee-Seok Hwang, Seung-Yeon Lim, and Kyung-Ho Park. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2013, 55 (2-3), 148-167
    14. “Do Takeover Defenses Impair Equity Investors’ Perception of ‘High Quality’ Earnings?”, with Lee-Seok Hwang. Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, 2012, 27(3), 325-358