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General Info.


Feb. 1963 B.A. in Business Administration, College of Commerce,
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Oct. 1965 Master of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business,
Columbia University, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.

Jun. 1969 ICAME Fellow, Graduate School of Business,
Stanford University, Stanford, California, U.S.A.

Aug. 1974 Ph.D. in Business Administration, Graduate School of Business
Administaraion, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. U.S.A.



1966-date Professor, College of Business Administration,
Seoul National University
1970-1973 Research Associate, Graduate School of Business Administration,
University of Washington
1974-1976 Visiting Fellow, Korea Development Institute(KDI)
1983-1988 Professor and Executive Director, Advanced Management Program,
Seoul National University
1986-1993 Member, Board of Directors, Korea Telecom
1986-2000 Member, Price Board, Ministry of Finance and Economy,
Korea Government
1989-1992 President, Columbia University Alumni Association, Korea
1989-1993 Executive Director, Institute of Information and Systems Research,
Seoul National University
1991-1992 President, Korea Operations Research & Management
Science Society.
1992-1999 Board of Contributors, Maeil Economic Daily Newspaper
1993-1994 President, Korea Academy of Production & Operations Management
1993-1994 President, The Korean Association of Small Business Studies
1993-1995 Managing Director of S.N.U. Development Foundation
1993-1996 President, Korea Society of Management Information Systems
1993-1996 Member, Board of Directors, Korean Broadcasting System(KBS)
1994-1999 Auditor, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade(KIET)
1994-1999 Chairman, National Computerization Agency
1995-1998 Member, Presidential Commission on Administrative Reforms
1995-1998 Director, Seoul Art Center
1996-1998 Member, Presidential Commission on Labor Relation Reforms
1997-1999 Dean, College of Business Administration
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1997-date Chairman, Commission for Information and Communication Policy,
Ministry of Information and Communication
1997-date President, Korea Cultural Economics Society
1999-date Director, Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce
1999-date Executive Director, Institute of Information and Operations
Management, Seoul National University
2000-date Director, Korea Cultural Policy Institute
2001-date Member, The National Academy of Sciences Republic of Korea


Award of Liberal Economy Publication, 1992
Award of The Best Speaker, International Small Business Congress, 1992
Order of Civil Merit Dongbaeg Medal, 1998



Articles in various Journals

Text Books :
- Business Policy, 1983 Operations and Systems Analysis, 1990
- Statistics for Management, 1983 Management Information, System, 1994
- Quality Control, 1984 Operation Management, 1990