Dean’s Message

Youjae Yi, Dean
College of Business School (CBA) at Seoul National University (SNU), as the key hub of higher education, strives to pursue the intrinsic values of a university. The important missions of our institution are fostering intellectual pursuit of knowledge, developing creative talents, leading ground-breaking initiatives in research, and fulfilling social responsibility. Please allow me to highlight:

We provide the world-class education to cultivate the future leaders.

“If someone asks you about the future, let him raise his head and gaze at the Gwanak Mountain.” This well-known verse is from a poem by the student representative for the ground-breaking ceremony of the Gwanak Campus of SNU. It has become a slogan of SNU. As the premier research university, SNU has the utmost responsibility for leading the future of the country and providing a roadmap for its citizens. Needless to say, we currently face a dynamic yet turbulent world with uncertain future. The best way to cope with uncertainty is to proactively configure the future ourselves. By providing the innovative educational platform, we cultivate the leaders who will shape the future of our country and beyond.

We pursue excellence in research with impact.

SNU-CBA strives to be a global leader in business education, while providing a roadmap for the world through our pursuit of excellence in research. Our faculty members, many of whom serve as the leaders of their own respective academic community, engage in research that generates crucial contributions in their respective fields. Moreover, their research outcomes frequently lead to significant impact on the business community as well, with practical implications for the real-world issues.

We focus on social responsibility.

At SNU-CBA, we offer a broad range of executive education designed to enhance the competitiveness of firms, industries, and the country. We strive to instill a keen sense of social responsibility and citizenship among students through courses such as social services and action-based learning. In fact, our curriculum is dedicated to enhancing our students’ awareness and empathy for the socially underprivileged. In all of our endeavors, we strive to uphold our identity as an integral part of the greater society.
I believe that an ideal college is a community where all members have an opportunity to maximize their full potential. Only in such an environment each member can thrive and the prosperity of the college will remain sustainable. As dean of CBA, I pledge to listen to the voices of our members and create an environment where they can devote themselves to their respective roles with passion.
For SNU-CBA to achieve these goals, we seek your active support and citizenship. I am most certain that our college will be able to take a huge leap forward with each of you on board. Thank you.
Youjae Yi, Dean
College of Business Administration Seoul National University