The Dan-am Library

History and Goals

The Dan-am Library was founded in March of 1991 through the funding and equipment donation of Dan-am, Lee Pil-suk. Lee successfully fulfilled the post of the College of Commerce alumni president, and in 1991, in light of his contributions to the school's scholarship enterprise and the support of academic research in conjunction with his establishment of the Dan-am Scholarship Foundation in 1984, the faculty counsel made the decision to honor his efforts by naming the newly built library after him as the Dan-am Library. The Dan-am Library operated as an unofficial library until 1993, when on December 22, according to regulation 932, it was officialized as the CBA library. By systematically collecting, categorizing, and preserving diverse research-related books, periodicals, text books, dissertations, and electronic journals, the Dan-am Library promotes the enhancement of management research and the educational environment.

  • - Address : SK Hall 58, College of Business Administration Seoul National University,

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