Club Activities

Club List

Club List
Type Club Name Contents
Study MCSAWebsiteStudy of Corporation's Business Strategy
SMICWebsiteRegular Session & Making an Investment Report
N-CEOWebsiteStudy of Business
FCRCWebsiteFinance Case Research Club
ENSCultural industriy Corporate Research & Project Working
IFS(International Finance Seminar)WebsiteFinance Text Study & Weekly Report Discussion
ENACTUS WebsiteEntrepreneurship.Act.Us.
Performance of Social Responsibility Project with Strategic Business
AMISAssociation for Manufacturing Industry Studies
T-um consulting club for tangible social sharing
Fixers FICC finance study club
Culture Play Club
Chistian Club
Donation Clubdonation club of university students
Reading Club
GCS (Global Community Service)Website College of Business Administration’s official community service club. It is led by students from planning to execution, with the goals of Humanism, Entrepreneurship, Global Mindset and Leadershipl.
Sports ArmadaWebsiteSoccer
BA SoulsWebsiteBaseball