Center for Information & Communication Business and Research

History and Mission

The Research Center for Information and Telecommunications Management was established with a vision of creating an institute that would be a positive contribution to the development of the industry and nation’s economy. In doing research works for practical applications for the effective use of IT, the aim for the firms was to be able to achieve an IT based competitive advantage over their rivals through the analysis of various challenges that firms are confronted with.

Due to the noticeable growth of the relative importance of IT in firms, IT has become the cornerstone of a firm’s survival, thus this acknowledgement has built a strong foundation in becoming a real academic pursuit. This center conducts extensive research works to provide a series of practical implementations for firms as well as the IT industry.

Research Activities

Research Activities

  • -Overarching research, analysis and publication of basic IT material
  • -Undertake projects commissioned by governmental agencies, public corporations, private, corporations and other organizations.
  • -Research on IT management schemes and the current situation of the industry.
  • -Development of IS theory and research methods.
  • -Conduct Empirical research on IS.
  • -Conduct IS related case studies.

Service Activity

  • -Procurement of domestic and international periodicals regarding IT.
  • -Maintenance of a center dedicated to IS
  • -Publication of periodicals
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