Center for Accounting Research

History and Mission

The beginnings of the Accounting Research Center date back to the founding of the Management Research Center by the faculty of Seoul National University (SNU) College of Commerce in 1963 with the purpose of contributing to the rationalization of Korea's business management and the growth of Korea's management studies.

As a result of the merging of SNU's College of Commerce with the Department of Business Administration and its graduate division in March of 1975, the Management Research Center was reorganized as the ancillary Management Research Center of the College of Business Administration (CBA). In March of 1993, specialized research centers for each field were established, and in accordance with this move, the pre-existing Accounting Information Analysis Division, ancillary to the CBA, was newly expanded and reestablished as the Accounting Research Center. The Accounting Research Center's fundamental mission lies in contributing to the comprehension and enhancement of Korea's accounting environment.

Research Activities

Survey Research Projects

  • -Organize accounting colloquiums
  • -Publish accounting papers
  • -Publish accounting handbook

Education Projects

  • -Program for managers
  • -Operate training programs for middle managers and those in charge of practical affairs
  • -Short-term training program for high-level administrators
  • -Program for the training of MBAs within the company
  • -Miscellaneous customized training programs

Setting Up an Accounting DB

  • -Secure an accounting information DB
  • -Secure an academic information DB
  • -Set up a self-reliant accounting information DB
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