Career Development Program

Career Development Program

The SNU Business School operates diverse career development programs in order to help student’s career aspirations and job preparation.
We are dedicated to provide the best professional services so that the students can achieve their maximum potentials for the benefit of the individual and society.

Career Advancement Planning Program (CAPP)

CAPP is a organized to provide the comprehensive support for the student’s career development and to help them gain an insight into the professional business world.

  • Firstly, support students in preparing a successful career in a globalized environment with comprehensive executive ability and balanced perspective.
  • Secondly, discharge students cultivate a sense of challenge with global perspective and appropriate business mindset.

Through CEOs from diverse fields and professional intellectuals, students cultivate challenge senses and share experiences regarding corporate and social issues.
Furthermore, students can grow flexibility that will support them in facing diverse environments upon graduation.
- Cultivate proper protocols for the globalized business world
- Gain prior experience regarding resume and interview lectures
- Learn diverse rules and experiences, participate in team settings with students in different majors and from different backgrounds and cultivate leadership skills

Mission Global Leader

Career Advancement Planning Program(CAPP)
  • Intermational Business
  • Manners
  • Obligation
  • Career Development