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Academic Calendar SNU's academic year begins at March and ends at the next February.
An academic year has two regular semesters of spring and fall which are 16 weeks long, and two of six-weeks sessions during summer and winter breaks Site Link

SNU offers a variety of scholarship programs for foreign students. About 50% of students are partially or entirely exempt from tuition fees. SNU scholarship programs are mostly merit-based, but the University applies more generous criteria for international students. Internal scholarships are awarded each semester, and external scholarships are generally provided until graduation if all requirements are continually satisfied.

The scholarship programs available to international students currently attending SNU are outlined below. For information on scholarships for prospective undergraduate/graduate students, see our admissions information pages.

Undergraduate    Graduate

Click here to open the SNU Scholarships Website offered by Division of Welfare.

Student Registration

Registration consists of a) payment of tuition fees, b) course enrollment, c) and submitting a student data form. Registration is deemed complete after all the registration procedures have been completed according to instructions. Once registration is complete, the applicant becomes an SNU international student. Student status is retained until graduation unless the student withdraws, or is required to withdraw, or fails to complete registration in a given period. Newly admitted students must complete their registration before the beginning of the semester within the given period specified in the Academic Calendar. More information

Course Enrollment

Course enrollment takes place online during the announced period (usually a week long) prior to the start of a new semester. You should go through the Course Catalogue and make out your own timetable in advance. Be aware of the credit limits depending on your conditions. With the commencement of the semester, modification of your schedule is available through the same enrollment procedure for the first week only. After the modification period, you may choose to withdraw when you wish not to continue taking a course. The courses from which you have withdrawn may be taken again in the future. More information